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Shop and Food Reviews

Individual writers’ reviews and opinions on the various food establishments in Cebu and their offerings.

Go Korean! BonChon Chicken is in Cebu

The Korean invasion of Cebu does not just end with the K-Pop groups and Koreanovelas. Say hello to BonChon chicken. Boasting of mom-and-pop original recipe and crispy goodness, BonChon has taken the world by storm since it opened in 2002. In the Philippines alone, it already has 41 branches to date. The only Cebu branches are located at SM City Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu.

Food Spots of Choice for Students on a Budget

Being a student isn’t just about having classes, meeting deadlines and studying for exams. It also means having a limited budget.  If you are saving for something, this also means you have to save on your meals and snacks. This is why most, if not all, the students always opt for budget-friendly food places.

Pearl Meatshop & Restaurant: Cheap Korean Food

Head on down to the Pearl Meatshop & Restaurant along AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue (across LH Prime Diagnostic Clinic) for some really good Korean food. It’s nothing fancy. In fact, it’s pretty shabby. It’s a meat shop up front that sells meat imported from Korea. There are different cuts of pork and beef that you can buy by the kilo and cook at home.

Review: U Kitchen

Born from the same family that brought us Cebu’s finest Filipino Restaurant Café Laguna, U Kitchen is the latest venture of the Urbina family. It is located at the ground floor of the Laguna Culinary Centre Wilson Road, Lahug, across JY Square Mall.

Dimsum Break and Harbour City: Enjoying Dim Sum in Cebu

If you love Chinese dim sum (or dimsum), then you know about Dimsum Break and Harbour City Dimsum House. These are two of Cebu’s most prominent dimsum food shops, mainly because they are located in Cebu’s major malls.

Harbour City Dimsum House

Chillage: Urban Living

The latest hot spot in Cebu caught my attention on Instagram. Somebody sure conceptualized the hell out of this place! It’s called “Chillage: Urban Living”. This boutique/café is hipster haven for [Cebuano] pop-culture.

Pinoy Pitstop at Orosia Food Park

Lately I've been trying to eat as much Filipino food as I can. Most of my favorite dishes, I can cook at home, sure. But some are more time consuming and labor intensive. Cebu City has a handful of highly-rated Filipino restaurants found in malls, hotels, and anywhere in the metro.

Food Review: Dong Juan

Cebuanos are innately food lovers. This explains why the many restaurants that Cebuanos themselves made. Many Cebu-based and family-owned restaurants have even successfully reached out to other places like in Dumaguete, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro.

Dakimong Grilla: Korean Dining in Banilad

One afternoon, after an incredibly exhausting day of physical, mental, PHYSICAL work, I found myself staring at Ze boyfriend thinking, “Why is your face a delectably colorful bibimbop?” He probably deduced from the way I was salivating that I was starved! I confessed my craving for a Korean pick-me-up, but we had no budget for our usual fave.

Review: Hainanese Delights

HAINANESE DELIGHTS: Barbecue & Hainanese Chicken Rice

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