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Review: BBQ Chicken & Beer

Frying, grilling, and brewing at the ground floor of Skyrise 4 in IT Park, Lahug, Chicken & Beer is a hip new place to have some crispy-licious chicken!

When you’re so hungry, sometimes it’s hard to think of a good place to eat that’ll fill you up and yet won’t leave you broke till next payday. I know the perfect place! Whether you want a quick lunch, hungry for merienda, or want to have drinks with a few buddies. BBQ Chicken & Beer is the answer.

The place looks very clean and modern. There are some cool light fixtures and a fancy projected wall clock. The wash room is clean and complete with paper. There are cushy booths on the far end that provide a little more privacy. There is a flat screen in the middle of everything. There are seats outside where you can dine al fresco or have a round of ice cold beer in the breezy outdoors.

Chicken is served by the heaps here. You can choose from an assortment of fried (spicy or not), grilled, or flavored. It would be a good idea to order different platters to share. The platter’s got six juicy pieces. The secret is in the spices – 30 different seasonings!

Aside from the chicken, there’s loads of other dishes to try: from pasta to burgers, chicken wings and onion rings, you’ll wanna keep coming back.

The best sellers are:
Olive Original Chicken, P205
Barbecue Chicken, P175
Grilled Chicken Bulgalbi Set, P160
BBQ Premium Bulgogi Burger, P150
Crispy Chicken Club, P145

TIP: Try the onion rings! They’re the best in Cebu!!! They’re light as air, virtually no grease, and perfectly paired with zesty ranch dressing.

Location Map: