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Review: Bubble Bee Tea House

Bubble Bee Tea House was one of the first tea shops that opened even before the boom of milk tea in Cebu. They offered a new and interesting way to have tea and it was a hit, especially to students and young professionals. Now, Bubble Bee Tea House already has branches in SM City Cebu and in Escario Street.

Getting There
You can ride any jeepney that pass by Escario to get to their Escario branch, like 14D, 04D, 17B, 04H, 06H, or 12L. If you want to head on to SM City Cebu to have shopping and grab some Bubble Bee milk tea, you can do so by riding any of the following jeepneys: 24, 22A, 21G, 04L, and 06H among others. You can catch jeepneys going to Lapu-Lapu,  like 23, and those going to CDU, like 01K to get to the main branch. However, these jeepneys do not pass by directly in front of the branch so you have to do some extra walking to get there. If you’re from CDU or in Parkmall, the place is just a good walking distance.

Bubble Bee Tea House offers a wide variety of milk tea and bubble tea drinks as refreshments on a hot day. They have slush and fruit tea drinks which are my personal favorites. I also love their hot tea, especially almond since it has a bubblegum smell to it that makes me want more. They also have serve food like pizza, calamares, desserts, and others that are perfect for your tea.

The Interior
Their interesting and colorful interior is something that makes the place really attractive, especially to its customers. It makes it really unique and comfortable. Their top floor also has different themes and decorations for every corner which makes it a fun place to hang out with friends. You can also hold meetings and group studies in Bubble Bee. Just find a quiet nook and bring your books and notes, and you’re good. Just make sure that there’s no party or even going on since some guests also reserve certain rooms for parties.

The nice thing about Bubble Bee Tea House is their fun and interesting interiors that appeals to customers of all ages. They also have really yummy drinks, which I really like.

Price and Service
Their food and drinks are also reasonably-priced which is why I keep coming back for more. Their service is also good. I personally have managed to make friends with a number of the Bubble Bee staff that they already know what I would usually order. They are really nice and helpful.

The only issue I have with Bubble Bee Tea House, especially their main branch, is that it’s a bit far. There aren’t much jeepneys that pass by the place which makes getting there a bit of a hassle. We had to take a taxi just to get there. They also open at 2PM, so you won’t be able to hang out there when you find yourself bored in the morning.

I would give Bubble Bee 5 stars for their yummy drinks, good food, and superb service. Their interiors and fun design also deserve 5 stars.

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