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Agus Hotel and Resort

Filipino people love to have a vacation in the summer and spending it with the whole family, relatives or friends. Not only Filipino citizens love to go beaches and resorts but also some of the foreigners that visit our country. Since most of them don’t have any friends or relatives in our country, they just rent a room in a hotel or stay in resorts.

I can share with you one of the resorts in Cebu City, Philippines: It’s Agus Hotel and Resort. This resort is popular with Koreans. At first they only accepted Korean customers but as years go by, they also let Filipinos enjoy the resort. I had a firsthand experience in this resort, it was December 2011, the resort was great, it has a big pool.

You can also try their spa, it is just located near the toilets. They have a mini-bar where you can sing along with your friends and family. In every cottage you can use their extension wires for charging you cellphones, cameras, etc. Inside the resort you can are also allowed to grill, just be sure to bring some materials when you want to grill.

Agus hotel is located in Lapu-lapu City.

The swimming pool is big and it also has a kiddie pool. The check in time is 2 pm and the check out time is 12 noon, the room rates are:
Superior is Php. 2,750,
Deluxe is Php. 3250,
Semi suite 5, 000 and
the Agus suite is 6000.

Their rooms have a local television and breakfast is free. If you only want to use their pool, it is only Php 150 per head, children below 5 years old can use it for free. You can call them on phone for reservations.

Phone number : +63932-516-7282
Fax number: +63932-236-9013

Agus Hotel is nice and great. You can truly enjoy this resort, it has many things that you can’t see in other resorts. Agus doesn’t have a beach but the pool can make you feel just right. You also can see their mini-cave where you can buy some water for drinking. All in all, this resort is just so amazing. I want to go there again.

Many negative issues from Agus costumers have come out, but not all rumors are true. Maybe it would be a lot better if you try the resort yourself and let us know of your feedback.

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