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Where to Find Cebu’s Best Sweet Corn

Who doesn’t know what sweet corn is? Sweet corn, for those who don’t know what it is, is a variety of maize. Unlike other varieties, this has higher sugar content. Hence the name ‘sweet’ corn. Corn is actually one of the Philippines’ main products – but I won’t bore you with that kind of lecture.

In Cebu, there is an abundance of corn fields especially in rural areas. So, there is an abundance of sweet corn as well. You can find them:

1. In Supermarkets
You will find sweet corn bundled and sold by the kilo in most of Cebu’s supermarkets. You can find them at ShopWise, Rustan’s, SaveMore and others.

2. In Wet Markets
Yep, of course you will find loads of these products there too. There is a wet market in nearly every barangay in Cebu, by the way.

3. Along the Streets
Sweet corn vendors can be found in the streets. I know there is one near JY Square and near Basilica del Santo Nino de Cebu. They usually sell their sweet corn in wooden pushcarts and park by the sidewalk.

4. Transcentral Highway
This is where I found the BEST sweet corn I have ever tasted. Their sweet corn are said to be grown in the mountain areas of Busay and Balamban.

The yummy sweet corn sold at Transcentral Highway is sold for around P40 - 45 per kilo. I kilo usually gets you 2 large corn cobs or three small cobs. But that was not enough for a very hungry me. I ended up buying 2 kilos of sweet corn – although I only finished three of them while on the long commute home.

I don’t exactly know how to describe the Transcentral Highway Sweet Corn. I have been a fan of sweet corn since I was a kid. When my mother would buy me a cob (one of those cooked, burnt ones at times) after hearing Sunday Mass at Sto. Nino. Anyway, this sweet corn at Transcentral is uber juicy and very sweet. The kernels are very soft and easy to chew. I am pretty sure my grandma’s dentures could even handle it.

To get there, just follow the concrete road along Transcentral Highway. You will find a cluster of vegetable stalls along the side of the road. The stalls are very visible so you surely won’t have trouble finding them.

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