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Museo sa Sugbo

Cebu, the Queen City of the South, is known because of its rich history and beautiful attractions. One of the best places that Cebu can offer to the locals and tourists is Museo sa Sugbo, also called as The Cebu Provincial Museum. Museo sa Sugbo is located in M.J. Cuenco Avenue in Tejero, Cebu which is about 2 kilometers away from Fort San Pedro and Plaza Independencia.

Museo Sa Sugbo: Before

The establishment was designed by Domingo de Escondrillas in 1869 and the construction started in 1871. Before it became a museum, the place was called Carcel de Cebu or the Cebu Provincial Jail – the previous home of prisoners in Cebu. Also, during the revolution, many Katipuneros were imprisoned inside the jail and some of them are executed in the Carreta Cemetery. During the Japanese occupation, the guerrillas, after being tortured were imprisoned in Carcel de Cebu. The jail also served as stable for horses competing in Hippodromo. But later on, it became again a jail for both Cebu City and Cebu Province.

Museo sa Sugbo: Now

Museo sa Sugbo became a Provincial Museum during the 441th founding anniversary of Cebu Province. The museum has several galleries where you can see the different artifacts and important object from the Spanish Colonization, during the Japanese Occupation and during the American era. You can also see different pictures and have a glimpse of what is Cebu before the Spanish came to its shores. You will see in the museum the old Philippine bills and coins, the pictures of old Cebu, the first Cebuano newspaper, Vietnam chinaware and the Christmas card written by President Manuel Quezon in Cebuano. You will also see the vintage spy camera called “The Brownie” which was used during the Japanese-American War. There are still many things you can see in the museum especially in the Cebu Media Gallery and Fine Arts and Changing Exhibition Gallery.

The museum is a well-maintained place. When you enter the museum, you are required to pay a minimal entrance fee. The fee intended for the maintenance of the museum. There is also a guide that will help you during your tour in the museum. The guide will also give relevant information about the artifacts and object stored in the museum.

Entrance Fee

Regular Visitors

  • P 30.00 Filipinos
  • P 75.00 Foreigners


  • P 10.00 Filipinos
  • P 50.00 Foreigners

Senior Citizens

  • P 10.00

Photos courtesy of Museo Sa Sugbo Facebook Page.

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