Why OneCebu.com?

Here are the key features of OneCebu.com's service:

User Friendly

We put in our best efforts to deliver a clear, clean, structured, and easier way of putting and updating your post and/or contents. We find means to make searching through these contents relatively easy. And we are also mobile-friendly.

Message Security

When we say "Private Message (PM)", we truly mean that it is "Private". The message(s) you sent to your fellow OneCebu members are directly sent  to their respective email addresses. And, the recipient's email address is always "protected" and "hidden" from the message sender.

OneCebu.com merely acts as your messenger and no system logs nor Member's message is retained. As OneCebu.com upholds and respects your right to privacy and security.

Wider Service Coverage

Needless to say, we offer almost just about anything. We give you highlights about food, travel and events; profiles of the local business industries. Job offers for career growth, classifieds for traders, and forums for discussions and sharers. All of these in just one single account.

Re-use of Existing Resource

Putting pictures or images to your post is very easy. Simply re-use your existing images by copying and pasting their URL links - say NO to repetitive uploads. This method also offers a great sense of flexibility as you can choose your preferred Image Provider, may it be Picasa, Photobucket, or Flickr.

Simultaneous, Multiple Reach

Your Classified ads posted in OneCebu.com will be simultaneously broadcasted to least multiple classifieds ads websites - and counting. This translates to a larger audience for your goods and services.

To name a few:

- http://www.cebuadslist.com

- http://www.cebu-ads.blogspot.com

- http://www.cebuads.blog.com

Our Commitment!

We will continously enhanced our service to give you a better OneCebu.com experience.

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