Affordable POS / Point Of Sale Software All In One

For Groceries, Convenient Stores, Pharmacy.
For Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Food and Beverage establishments, Service, etc.
Point-Of-Sale (POS) System is a 3-in-1 software that caters to micro, small and medium sized businesses (MSMB). Its module includes Sales, Accounts Receivable and Inventory. It is designed to be light and simplified to make users easily adapt and understand the flow of operations yet powerful enough to gather vital information for making business decisions.
By using POS, you can check your inventory in real-time and any given period. Sales and Collection Summaries can be generated instantly and accurately. With these reports you will be able to control the operations of your business, minimize inventory pilferage, and monitor you cash.
Unlimited and flexible pay types e.g., Cash and Credit Cards, Gift Certificate, etc.
Teller Interface for stores such as groceries and pharmacy.
Restaurant Interface for food and beverage businesses.
Table Management allows adding, deleting and grouping of tables.
Cashiering and Tendering Interface for actual receipt of payment with printout of an Official Receipt accredited by the BIR.
Simplified Purchase Order.
Stock In / Out Forms that records movement of Inventory.
Disbursement, Remittance / Cash Breakdown Feature.
Debit Memo and Credit Memo allow adjustments on Accounts Receivable. Disbursements and Basic Accounting with Export to Excel / CSV text files feature.

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