Tourist Attractions North of Cebu: Things to Do in Compostela


Compostela has one of the best nature attractions you would find in Cebu!

Compostela is a small town (3rd municipal income class) in Northern Cebu. If you pass by Compostela, do not fail to visit these places.

Q Park


Well, this isn't just a park. It is a religious place and a landmark for Compostela. This place is located in Brgy. Buluag. Q Park is a Project of Norberto Quisumbing Jr. and his family with the help of Norkis group. The park is 200 hectares and is open to the public for free. The park is open from 8am until 5pm.

The Heroes Hill is a place tribute to unidentified fallen soldiers, OFW’s, and awardees of the Filipino Foundation in 1986-2003. Portraits of Filipino Statesmen and Philippine Presidents are placed on an anahaw-roofed kiosk. You can only visit this place by invitation or by request.

The Stations of the Cross is something to see, and its last stop is in the Calvary Hill. There's 3 crosses there, the center is painted gold while the two others flanking it are in silver.

The Statue of Mother Mary stands on the second mountain of Salvation. The hill is about 1,000 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) and the statue is 44 feet tall.

There's a Boys and Girls Camp being constructed on the other hill too.

All in all, it is a place good to visit especially during the Holy Week. The park is open from 8am-6pm from Monday-Sunday and time extension may have an additional rate.

Paradise Hills Mountain Resort

Source: Paradise Hills Mountain Resort Facebook Page

If you’re in Cebu, always expect to find a resort in any of the municipalities you pass by. The highlight of Compostela is Paradise Hills Mountain Resort.

The soft opening was last March 18, 2018 and the newest mountain resort Compostela boasts of. Yes, it's a mountain resort! This is place is near Q Park.


  • Adult: 100
  • Kids:   50
  • Parking Fee: 100
  • Mushroom Table: 800/day
  • Table Rental: 300/day
  • Tent Rental: 1,500/day (2 tables, 10 chairs)

Prices might change. They don't accept online bookings due to unstable internet connection in the area. 

Gatubod Spring Resort

Source: Gatubod Spring Resort Facebook Page

Gatubod Spring Resort is located in Brgy. Basak, Compostela. It is a mere 25-minute ride from Compostela Market and near to the local road. It has 2 slides and 2 main pools.


  • Adult: 60
  • Kids: 30 (below 10)
  • Function Hall: 2,500 (whole area)
  • Electric Consumption: 400 (whole day)

Parking Fee 

  • 4 wheels: 20
  • Motorcycle: 10 

Take note: 

  1. Bring food, there's no corkage.
  2. No overnight stay. 

Prices might change.

St. James the Apostle Parish (Sr. Santiago de Apostol)


St. James the Apostle Parish (Sr. Santiago de Apostol) is the oldest structure standing in Compostela. It was built in 1866. Fr. Jose Alonzo suggested the place to be called Compostela after Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain’s Galicia region, where St. James came from.  In July 2007, Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal declared the church as an Archdiocesan Shrine.The patron saint's Feast is held in the month of July annually. They call it “Kiseyo (Cheese) Festival” showcasing the pride of Compostela – their dairy products -- as well as honoring St. James the Apostle.

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