Tourist Attractions North of Cebu: Things You Must Experience in San Remigio

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San Remigio is a 3rd municipal income class in the northern part of the Province of Cebu. Way back in the 1850s, San Remigio used to be one of the barrios of Bogo City. It was called “Kanghagas” then, after the kanghagas trees which abundantly grew there.

San Remigio, as an independent town, was officially founded in November 21, 1863. In 1864, a church was built and St. Juan Nepomuceno was assigned the town's patron saint.

San Remigio is has the longest shoreline in Cebu province. They developed marine sanctuaries there and it currently one of the most popular diving destinations.

Here are some of the things you should experience in San Remigio.

By the way, San Remigio's official website has one of the most informative websites (if not, THE most informative website) out of Cebu's LGUs. So if you have time, do check out their recommended resorts and sites at Great job, San Remigio LGU!

Lapyahan Festival


San Remigio celebrates the Lapyahan Festival every year. “Lapyahan” translates to sea shore or shoreline. It is held every May 16th (mark your calendars!) They portray storylines and offer dance presentations especially for St. San Juan Nepomuceno. Of course, you should watch the street dancing which has themes that relate to the sea, waves, swimming, and seashells.

FYI, most residents of San Remigio earn money from fishing, which is why the sea is at the center of their celebration.

Pangi Cave


Located in Brgy. Pangi, Pangi Cave used to be a campsite of Bogo's Parish Priest and was an evacuation site during the World War ll. It has underground spring which gives the community potable water and is currently the source of Pangi Water Work System that supplies 13 barangays.

San Juan Nepomuceno Church

San Juan Nepomuceno Church is located in Brgy. Poblacion, San Remigio. It was built in April 12, 1864 and the first parish priest there was Rev. Fr. Ceferino Montecillo. They have 3 existing bells in their bell tower: the 1866 bell, the San Remigio 1873 bell and the Custodia Mandal de Demiar 1953.

Century Old Acacia Trees


This 100 year old acacia tree was planted during Spanish era. DENR has claimed that it is one of the oldest trees in Cebu. It looks creepy, especially when you think about it.

Heritage House


This heritage house in San Remigio was built before World War ll, and is currently managed by the Manatad family.

San Remigio Beach Club Sports and Leisure Resort

To cap off your sight seeing, you can drop by the San Remigio Beach Club Sports and Leisure Resort. Their deluxe room starts at P 3,700 per night for 2 persons. 

Entrance Fee

  • Adult: 120
  • Children: 90
  • Beach front cottage: 350 pesos/day
  • Fronting Cottage: 350 pesos/day

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