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Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Take your time to do a background check. No matter how urgent your kitchen remodelling need is, take your time to do some “investigating”.

How to Not to be Duped: Check Your Tire Manufacturing Date

Normally, new car owners rely on their dealers’ respective service centers for preventive maintenance services (PMS).

Philippine Laws Governing Website Use

Did you know that there are several Philippine Laws that govern the use of websites? The Website Terms of Use cover both the website owners and the users.

Setting Up a Sole Proprietorship in Cebu City

If you are interested in setting up a Sole Proprietorship in the Philippines, you have to understand the pros and cons.

Best Practices in Online Meetings: The Basics (also in Tagalog and Cebuano)

Because of the sudden shift to online classes and remote working, many Filipinos are forced to learn how to work Zoom video conferences, Skype calls or Microsoft Team meetings Here are basic tips to ensure that you and the participants will have a positive experience in this whole new virtual terrain. Available in English/Tagalog/Cebuano.

Planning To Use DigitalOcean Spaces? Real, Yet Not So Good Experience!

"Jack of all trades, master of none", I'm somewhat incline to say that Digital Ocean is heading this way. Or least in the S3 business.

Online Security Tips for Senior Citizens: Different Types of Scams

Most senior citizens are trusting when it comes online. And scammers normally zero in on them because they’re expected to have accumulated savings.

Online Security Tips for Senior Citizens: Online Shopping

Because of COVIDD-19 and the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) aka lockdown imposed, many senior citizens are also turning to buying goods online.

Online Tips for Senior Citizens: Sharing Online

Facebook is gaining popularity among senior citizens. It keeps them connected and is their online source for news and even gossip.

Online Security Tips for Senior Citizens: Personal Information

It is always good to know how many senior citizens are using digital devices and going online.

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