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How to Get Your Student Driver’s License in Cebu

If you're planning to learn how to drive this summer, you first need to secure a student driver's license.

Tips for Tourists Series: Which Hotel Should You Stay In?

In this article, we (the locals) will highlight some of the things you (a foreigner) may need to know before you make your hotel reservation.

Tips for Tourists Series: The Cebu City Shopping Experience

Let’s face it, Cebu is not exactly the best shopping destination for luxury brands. Other than Rustan's and the Duty Free shops, you can hardly find mega high end goods in Cebu City's mainstream malls.

6 Ways to Help You Snag that Dream Job, According to Experts

We all have dreams jobs that we have fantasized about since we were kids, but how many of us are living the dream now?

3 Simple DIY Pest Control Methods to Make Your House Bugs Free

Have you ever spotted something scuttling by out of the corner of your eye late at night?

This Simple Trick Can Massively Cut Down on Your Air-Conditioning Bill

Oh, air-conditioning. The best invention since vaccines and the internet. How many times have we walked into an air-conditioned building and let out an “ahhhh” of relief as we escaped the blazing sun?

5 Quick Ways to Revive Damaged Hair

Let’s get this out of the way: damaged hair is damaged permanently. There’s no way to get damaged hair to repair itself. But what about all the products on the market that claim to do so? I hear you asking. Let’s delve into the science of hair for a moment.