How to Survive Long Haul Flights

Since many of us cannot afford to pay for the comfort and convenience of flying first or business class, we make do with flying economy.

Cebuano Short Films Absolutely Worth Your Time

Cebuanos are talented. That much is true.

We Dare You: Movies You Should Watch During the Hungry Ghost Month

In Chinese culture, the Ghost Festival, also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival or the Zhongyuan Festival is believed to be the time when ghosts are allowed to leave hell and roam the realm of the living.

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Viral Challenges on the Internet

In the wake of this ridiculous #InMyFeelingsChallenge or #KekeDoYouLoveMe Challenge, we decided to compile some of the most viral AND dangerous social media challenges.

Counting Calories: How Many Calories are in Your Favorite Pinoy Dishes?

Do you count calories?

A Look Back at Manny Pacquiao's Best Fights

No traffic jam, with crime rates dropping significantly – Manny Pacquiao still hasn’t lost his influence among us, Filipinos.

Diabetes Care in the Land of Refined Carbs and Sugar

Are you diabetic? Do you, like many others, find it hard to stick to your dietary programme while in Cebu?

Crazy Theories in Cebu That Might Be True

Maybe you have heard of these crazy theories made by Cebuanos about Cebu that might just be true.

5 Cebuano Pop Songs to Listen To

Cebuano songs have become quite popular recently, especially with the increasing popularity of the Cebu Pop Music Festival.

Is Your Kid Spoiled?

Teenagers are always showed as angsty, hormonal wrecks that will automatically mature after their said ‘glory days’.

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