Diabetes Care in the Land of Refined Carbs and Sugar

Are you diabetic? Do you, like many others, find it hard to stick to your dietary programme while in Cebu?

Crazy Theories in Cebu That Might Be True

Maybe you have heard of these crazy theories made by Cebuanos about Cebu that might just be true.

5 Cebuano Pop Songs to Listen To

Cebuano songs have become quite popular recently, especially with the increasing popularity of the Cebu Pop Music Festival.

Is Your Kid Spoiled?

Teenagers are always showed as angsty, hormonal wrecks that will automatically mature after their said ‘glory days’.

Ever Dream This Man?

A patient drew a man the person kept on seeing in his dreams for a psychiatrist in New York, 2006.

Pinoy Celebrities Who are Originally from Cebu

Have you wondered who are the actors and actresses are from Cebu?

How Cebuanos Celebrate Father's Day

Is the Father’s Day celebration in Cebu unique? Of course it is.

Freshmen: 5 Things to Know Before Entering High School

Congratulations! You passed hell- I mean, elementary! Now off to high school.

Millennial 101: 5 Internet Slangs You Need to Know

Let me get straight to the point and think you already at least know the basic acronyms being used in the internet today.

15 Simple Life Hacks that Will Make Your Life So Much Better

You know those tiny little annoyances that occur throughout the day, the ones that are too small for you to actively do anything about, and yet notice every time it slightly inconveniences you?

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