How to take care of your plants: Outdoor Plants

Have you ever wondered about why some houseplants easily die? Are you familiar with Plant Disease? Are you confused about how to take care of your new plant?

Indoor and outdoor plants are taken care of different ways. Although they need water, light, air, nutrients and space to grow they have specific requirements. Some plants need little water or sunlight, while others don't. To new plantitas and plantitos, here are some steps to note.

Weed your garden

You must be aware that nutrients in your garden might be taken by the weeds that are supposed to go through your plants as well as space. It's better to pull off weeds as soon as you see them.

Give them enough water

The plants in your garden rely on the soil and weather. Your soil should be damp, not soggy or dry. Check the ideal water requirements for specific plants, some prefer little and others need lots of water.

Cut off dead leaves or plants

Cutting off dead leaves or stems of the plants prevents the spread of Plant disease. If your plant dies, make sure to throw them away from your garden. Plant disease can spread quickly. 

Mulch your garden

Mulch is an organic compost that adds nutrients, traps moisture, and prevents weeds from growing. Add 1-2 inches on the top of your soil every few months. You can use organic compost substitute to mulch if it's not available.

Deadhead flowers

This refers to cutting off the dead flower head to produce another bud or cutting the flower bud before it blooms to encourage the growth of leaves. 

Fertilize your garden

Outdoor plants can get nutrients from surroundings, fertilize them once a month. You can also consider organic fertilizers. Spray or sprinkle the fertilizers into plants or mix them in soil depending on what kind of fertilizers you bought. You need to find the specific mineral requirements for your plants. If you're unsure about the mineral requirements for your plants, you can ask a local nursery worker.

Gardening is a great way to relieve your stress and do physical activities at home. It will throw away the negative thoughts and can boost your mood.