Pinoy Urban Legends 12: The Cebu Normal University Night Guard Rounds

Source:, Cebu Normal University Hallway

There is a story I heard about a Cebu Normal University night guard where he was doing his round only for something to happen on the third floor of the Nursing Building when he checked there.

Beware! You've been warned.

In this story, one should know that the university has a real skeleton of a boy kept in the Nursing building before and there are mannequins on beds of women giving birth and such on the third floor.

The Notorious Mannequins


This story starts with a flash light and a guard roaming in the dead of night in the dark hallways of a very old university building. He was walking around the buildings and arrived in the third floor of the Nursing Building inspecting probably nothing.

As he entered the empty room filled with figures lying on beds and skeletal figures of bodies on the sides, he suddenly heard a kid laughing somewhere on the right side of the room.

He turned his flashlight towards the sound and saw a figure running. He told the kid to stop playing and come to him. He heard another laughter a few beds away and as he motioned his torch to the sound, the light hit a mannequin giving birth but this time her eyes were looking at him and her face was scrunched up-- angry.

He suddenly heard a faint moan of a woman, crying out in pain almost like giving birth and so he continued his steps further into the room to find the kid, he saw the kid get out of there while still laughing on the other side of the room.

Before exiting the room to catch up with the kid, he took one last look at the room trying to understand what he saw or heard and instead, saw all the mannequins looking at him with all these agonizing cries echoing the room. He runs out of the room and leaves there. He quits the next day.

Other Versions

Other stories tell of him exiting the room to find the boy facing away from him just standing there and laughing, as he got nearer the boy turned to him and fell. The guard grabs him only to see it was just a mannequin.

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