Pinoy Urban Legends 6: Cat in the Siopao

Source: Televido, Wikimedia Commons

A running urban legend told in the Philippines is the ‘Cat in the Siopao’.

It’s a story about what is actually in the food you eat on the streets. Beware for this story might make you hate siopao—food lovers beware. (You have been warned)

Source: Mashhour, Wikimedia Commons

We've briefly mentioned this one before.

The legend is about how some vendors use cat meat in their siopaos as they let unaware customers eat those butchered felines with catsup (get it) on it to feed their hunger. You would never even know and that is the scariest part because you might have eaten one without knowing it. Do you know what is scarier? As some are paid to do that to keep the streets clean of cats, they also get money from you eating those evil but innocent creatures they chop up and steam. Next time, be sure of the place where you buy it or better yet just buy in an FDA approved chain or something (unless their secret ingredient is cat too).

Some Truth to It

The story has some truth to it though because there were a few incidents where some vendors really did use cat for the meat in siopaos. Some countries have a taste for cat meat. Don't believe me? There's a restaurant in Hanoi that serves cat meat. Check this out. And how about the cat meat kebabs in Shanghai? DNA testing showed "closely matched" cat meat.

Other versions are rat meat and dog meat. Dog meat is surely done in China for your sad information. Rat meat was a rumor before but still might be true. Just remember, you are what you eat —I just hope you aren’t a cat.