Pinoy Urban Legends 5: The Sitsit

Source: LionHearTV

An old urban legend told in the Philippines is the ‘Sit-sit’.

It’s a story about going into a forest and hearing someone call you or entertaining someone who calls you when no one is actually there -- none that you see anyway. Beware for this story might make you want to know what truly happens if you answer the sit-sit. (You have been warned)


Source: Regal Films

The story starts with a psst. A simple psst was heard as a person walked in the forest alone. Psst.

Do not entertain this psst, this is what the old folks always say. This one man goes on his journey, hearing a pssst yet not looking back or entertaining the call he hears behind him — even if it is slowly closing in on him. Smart move, buddy. Psst. Each step closer to the outside of the woods, the calls grow closer and louder until it is as if it is just beside his ear. That simple psst right there beside him. He could hear it and feel its presence. He still tarries along and gets out safe because he does not entertain it. (For now).

Another person, on the other hand, does not know this folklore and goes into the woods, unbeknownst of the horror it hides. Psst. He looks back. He doesn’t see anything and decides to continue his journey—psst. He stops in his tracks and looks back. Nothing. He walks faster now and is sweating. Psst. He looks back and finally cries out, "Kinsa'y naa diha?!" ("Who's out there?!"). Big mistake-- that is the last time you ever see him and countless others who do not know of the Sit-sit. 

If you've unfortunately watched the seriously crappy, waste-of-time film by Regal, Haunted Forest, then you know what the sit-sit is.

Other Versions

Other versions do not necessarily use the psst but can also call out your name with a familiar voice or not. Do not entertain or else—or else what? You will be dragged into their realm. Just remember, do not immediately reply to someone calling you and don’t ever think someone is calling you in the forest when you are walking alone. Still think it’s just an urban legend? Well then, answer the next time you hear it. Psst.

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