Pinoy Urban Legends 2: Jeepney Ride from Hell


One of the common urban legends told in the Philippines is the ‘Jeepney Ride from Hell’.

It warns people about riding a jeepney at night especially for women and those riding it alone. Beware as this story might make you want to ride a taxi instead which is much scarier for your allowance. (You have been warned)

The Lone Passenger


The story starts with a lone passenger, a girl, who rode on a jeepney late at night in the province where the only source of light is the little bulb behind the driver constantly flickering with a yellowish hue and the driver’s headlight lighting a narrow path on the rough road while darkness lurks on every corner and side with no noise but the wheels of the jeepney on the uneven ground. She sat near the edge of the jeepney where she becomes startled because of the driver occasionally glancing at her through the rearview mirror. He kept on staring at her as her stop was almost nearing. When she told the driver to drop her off here instead, the driver just glanced at her and kept on driving. The girl feared the evil plans the driver had in store for her but after a while, the driver suddenly stopped and told her to get out and burn her clothes. In confusion, she asked why and the driver told her that there was a girl sitting next to her with long black hair covering where her face should be. He only stopped driving after she disappeared. He told her to burn her clothes because the girl might be following her and burning it will stop the ghost from doing so.

Other Versions

Other versions of the story share that when the driver looked at the passenger through the rearview mirror, he saw the passenger was headless and told her to burn her clothes because it was a sign of death—an omen. Two things are for sure though: 1. Don’t buy expensive clothes (just in case) and 2. Be kind to jeepney drivers because they might save your life—or your afterlife.

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