Pinoy Urban Legends 1: Cebuano Urban Legends Your Grandfolks Probably Told You

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According to Urban Legend is an urban legend, urban myth, urban tale, or contemporary legend is a form of modern folklore.

It usually consists of fictional stories, often presented as true, with macabre or humorous elements, rooted in local popular culture. These legends can be used for entertainment purposes, as well as semi-serious explanations for random events such as disappearances and strange objects.

Urban legends are spread by media, email, and social media. Some are passed through generations and circulates in the community. It believed to be true but falls into humorous and horror story.

Do you know the Urban Legends in Cebu? Why do many Cebuanos believe in this stories? I have collected 5 urban legends that are known in Cebu, the Lapu-Lapu Monument in Mactan Shrine, Waway, A grouper fish named “Kugtong”, Sigbin, Cat meat Siopao, Maria Labo.


The Cursed Lapu-Lapu Monument


Lapu-Lapu is one of the heroes here in Cebu. It was Rito de la Serna’s term (1929-1933). As honoring of Lapu-Lapu, the monument was approved by the Municipal Council of Opon. Few weeks after the Monument was done, Rito died and his nephew Gregorio de la Serna replaced him. The younger de la Serna also died in the office.  However, Simeon Armodia took over the position but then he also died in the office.

In 1938, Mariano Dimataga became the new chief executive in Opon. He renovated the bow and changed it into a wooden pestle. Luckily, he finished his term and served 30 years.

People stated that the bow was pointing into the City Hall which may have been the reason the reason for such bad luck. 


Wayway the Spitter


Warlito Toledo “Waway” is a rapist jailed way back in 2002. Somehow he managed to escape. They said that the jail guards allow him to go outside at night. It is said that he kills pregnant women and kids most of the time. Waway spit on slippers of those who live in the house he targets and comes back to kill them. Because of his reputation, people never leave their slippers outside or even footwear outside. 


The Milling Company's Pet Kogtong


This milling company is located near the shores of Mactan Island. Many former companies recall seeing a big fish named “Kogtong” and they said it was huge that could swallow a human being. It had a razor shaped teeth.


It is said that the fish has been living there many years ago and continue to live. Also, once a year, one person is reported missing, given as a sacrifice to the “Kogting". 

The Cat Siopao


Siopao, one of the favorite snacks of many Cebuanos. I was with my friend when she said that Siopao is made of cat meat but I didn't believe her. Siopao is made of rice flour with pork or chicken meat inside, I argued.

I'm sure many locals have heard of this. It was said that one of the siopao makers in Manila used cat meat as filling. People even found severed legs and heads of cats behind his manufacturing hub. 

The Sigbin

Sigbin is a mythological creature. It is an aswang's pet and usually appears during the Holy Week. Sigbins eat charcoal, which is why some Cebuanos leave charcoal outside their doors so Sigbins will not go inside and bite them. 

Maria Labo

Source: philstar

She’s a female vampire cursed by her former employer in Canada. When she came back in the Philippines, she craved for human flesh. She cannot control the burning sensation inside her stomach and decided to kill her two sons, cooked them and ate them. Her husband asked her if where their sons were and she said they ate them. Due to this, her husband took a bolo and struck her, leaving a big scar on her face. She is known to be a “mangtas” in Visayas and Mindanao area.

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