How to Survive Long Haul Flights


Since many of us cannot afford to pay for the comfort and convenience of flying first or business class, we make do with flying economy.

A long haul flight via economy class is not exactly a wonderful experience. You can’t move around and worse, the person sitting in front of you has no qualms reclining their seats. Some people can somehow manage to work through 16 hour flights. Some of us can’t. So here’s how I cope:

Get Enough Sleep the Night Before Your Flight

Make sure you are well-rested before your flight. Don't oversleep though. Make sure you don't go to the airport feeling exhausted, because if you do, it will only get worse. Drink vitamin C prior to your flight too.

Dress Comfortably

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Believe it or not, this is one of the defining decisions you can make prior to flying out. Dress comfortably. Avoid tight clothing and don't bundle up too much. Long-haul flights usually come with blankets and pillows so you can always cover up when you feel like it. Wear compression socks that allow your for a more effective blood circulation.


Keep Essentials Within Reach

Carry a tote bag where you store all your essentials and stow them under your seat for easy access. By essentials, I mean Meclizine (for those with motion sickness), toothbrush (if the airline doesn't provide you with one. Emirates doesn't provide a toothbrush, by the way), lip balm, eye mask, neck pillow or your mobile phone should you wish to play some relaxing music.

Take Meclizine if You Get Motion Sickness

I have motion sickness, so I really do need to take Bonamine. It knocks me out in less than an hour too. I normally wake up hours into the flight, or when the flight attendant wakes me up to serve my food (then I go back to sleep after eating). If you have any existing health conditions, please consult with your doctor.

Bring a Comfy Neck Pillow


Lugging it around is a small price to pay. Bring a sturdy yet comfy neck pillow to support your head as you sleep. The pillows provided by airlines can serve as back support if you wish.

Prepare an Entertainment Pack on Your Mobile Device

Store your own movies, ebooks or games. If you do not like the in-flight entertainment provided, you can always refer to the movies, books or game stored on your phone. Keep yourself entertained. A 2-3 hour movie will distract you from the cramped space.

Choose an Aisle Seat

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Choose an aisle seat, especially if you pee a lot. Also, sitting in an aisle seat means disturbing your seatmates less if you wish to move around, walk around, pee or just plain stretch.

Ditch the Sodas

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Don’t drink carbonated drinks on the plane. Just to avoid having stomach pains during your flight.

Pretend You're in a Spa


Yeah, I know it's difficult, especially if you have crying kids on your flight. But here's something that helps me cope: pretend you're in a spa (or even first or business class). Which means that you need to prepare a soothing eye mask (maybe even a face mask, if you want), some essential oils and relaxing music. I have sounds of rain on my mobile phone just in case I need something to help me sleep.

Don't Overeat

You will get served a lot of snacks and meals and drinks are free-flowing, but do not overeat. Being too full spells discomfort.

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