Why Korean Food is Taking Cebu by Storm

"Food is life" phrases that Filipino citizens are commonly used in their social media accounts with their attached photos of their favorite dishes.

Many of us love food, and I'm one of them that craves and always find new food interesting.

Koreans in Cebu: K-Pop and More

Source: Mirotic Album, Wikimedia Commons

Korean had been living in our country and learning a lot of our culture, especially here in Cebu. Some of them are studying in ESL or online to learn English with our Filipino sisters and brothers. As they have lived in our country, their cultures also spread in the air. No wonder Korean drama is topped of the most sellers and viewed in Philippines.

Since Korean K-pop also had the blast in our Nation,mostly in the part of Cebu. Some of the group bands and dancers are known like Super Junior, SHINee, Bigbang, EXO,KARA and many more. As people continue to follow what their favorite dancers are up to, they also find amusing tasting Korean foods.

Say "Kimchi!"

Source: Fullfen666, Wikimedia Commons

One of the Korean cuisine is named Kimchi, it is made from Napa Cabbage and Korean radishes that's enhance with some various seasonings including chili powder, scallions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal  (salted seafood). In North and South Korea, their traditional preparation of kimchi was storing the jars underground to keep them cool during winter months, but today's generation we can make kimchi with our Kimchi refrigerators.

The surprising benefits you can get upon eating Korean Kimchi will give you fond to try this food. Knowing that it is fermented with vegetables, it has a low-calorie and high fibers, Vitamins A, B1, and C. It is also rich in Amino acid and minerals such as selenium, iron and calcium. It also contains Probiotics in the form of lactobacillus bacteria. Also, helpful components includes capsaicin, chlorophyll, carotenoids, flavonoids, and isothiocyanates. It has also a small amount of salt and sugar. Overall, this dish will boost your immune system and make your digestive system healthy. This Flavonoid and probiotic rich food delays aging. Antioxidants effects in many medical conditions like stomach cancer, diabetes, obesity, atopic dermatitis, gastric ulcers and many more.Some Korean says it makes them live longer and they're calling it a superfood.

Dining Etiquette, Korean-Style

As we go through Korean cultures, let's also take a look at their etiquettes while eating. Korean use chopsticks just like Chinese and Japanese, but do you know why Korea is different from the two? Korean chopsticks (Jeokkarak) are made of metal or stainless steel. It is flat just like the silverwares. On the other hand Japanese and Chinese are using wood chopsticks. Their chopsticks are 9 inches long, taper with width from handle and tip but have the same height. There are lots of things why Korean is using a metal chopsticks than wood and one of them is a very practical reason which states "It is more practical and sanitary since they can be easily wash and use again".

Your thinking how about they're eating rice? A chopstick won't do. Just like us, they also use spoons to eat their rice. Some people had tried to use chopsticks but some of them said that it's hard to use while some said it was one of their favorites.

Where to Find Korean Restaurants

Wanna make your taste bud savor the Korean Cuisine? If your in Cebu now, you can dine in and try their famous Kimchi in Señor Kimchi, Man Soo Korean Pub Restaurant and Pearl Meat shop or make a one with your own cooking skills.