5 Websites that Suck You In and Never Let You Go

Image by Subhi S Hashwa, Wikimedia Commons

Bored? Procrastinating? Don’t know what to do with the interminable hours stretching out ahead of you?

We’ve got the solution. Here are 5 websites you can spend hours upon hours on – you’re welcome, in advance.


If you’ve browsed Reddit and thought meh, there’s nothing interesting here, then you’re redditing wrong. Reddit is yuge. Mahoosive. There is (quite possibly literally) a subreddit for everything. From the heavily moderated, high-quality content in r/AskHistorians to the immediate gratification of r/aww and even localised news and discussion… Whatever your interest, you’re likely to find a community that shares your interest on Reddit.

TV Tropes

If you paid attention to your literature lessons in school (ha!), you’ll remember what a trope is. Maybe. But if you didn’t and don’t, here’s a little refresher from TV Tropes: A trope is a storytelling device or convention, a shortcut for describing situations the storyteller can reasonably assume the audience will recognize. Sounds dry? It’s really not. Just take a look at Wolverine’s page on TV Tropes. If you’ve consumed a large amount of any sort of storytelling media, be it movies, comics, novels or TV series, you’ll recognise so many of the tropes gathered here. Not sure where to start? Click the random trope or random media button at the top of the page and you’ll be sucked in in no time.


What did we do before Google and Wikipedia? Played Encarta 95, probably. But now, you’ve got the whole of Wikipedia at your fingertips. Check out the featured article of the day, or look up anything you’ve ever wondered about, and before you know it you’ll have 12 tabs open in your browser before you’ve even gotten through the first two articles. Bonus: you’ll come away feeling way smarter than you were before you started on your Wikipedia binge.


If you enjoyed TV Tropes, but wished it was more like Wikipedia, then Fandom is for you. All the fandom information you could want is here, whether it’s Marvel, DC or even Doctor Who. Want to read articles on the latest mysteries of Westworld? Or perhaps you want to read movie discussions and episode recaps or watch game trailers. Yep, you can do all that on Fandom, powered by Wikia.


If you’ve got an itch to create or fix something, Instructables is the site for you. Whether you want to mess around with electronics, wood-working, crafting, home improvement, cooking, toys or costumes, you can find instructions here. Want to gawk at the amazing creations people are capable of? Check out the contest entries! Who knows, you may be inspired enough to submit a creation of your own.