LTO Requirements: Getting Your Student’s Permit in Cebu

Source: Yahoo News Singapore

Are you seventeen years old or older?

A lean, fit, fighting machine that is defensive on the road? Are you literate in the languages (English and Filipino) or dialect in your community? Then you can now apply for a student’s permit (SP).

Here are the requirements you will need.

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Application Form

Basic background information is needed there. It will ask you about eye color, hair color, height, and weight, etc. You can’t change eye color, hair color, and possibly height but you can still change your weight so go now to the gym. You can download the Application Form here

Original and Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate

Source: RussiaInPictures, YouTube

For those who do not have a copy, you can now order it online at (Remember, the information should be precise):

If below 18, original copy of parent’s/guardian’s consent with a photocopy and original ID with signature of the parent or guardian (In other words, if you are 17)

Medical Certificate

Don’t worry, it is just to check your vision. It is as quick as it is necessary.

Foreigners must show a photocopy and original passport with an entry date of at least one month and visa duration of at least one year from application (and no, dyeing your hair blonde does not make you a foreigner)

You can get the medical certificate and application form here:


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