Food and Dining

What in the World is "Tuslob Buwa" (Literally translates to "Dip in Bubbles")?

Tuslob Buwa is a food originally made by Cebuanos in Pasil.

Why Korean Food is Taking Cebu by Storm

"Food is life" phrases that Filipino citizens are commonly used in their social media accounts with their attached photos of their favorite dishes.

5 Cheap Buffets in Cebu to Eat Your Fill

If you are looking for food and I mean plenty of it and not just a one dish kind of person then this article is for you.

5 Fancy Dining Experiences if You Want to be Extra

There are a lot of posh restaurants in Cebu.

Where to Buy the Famed Dried Fish and Squid de Cebu

Dried fish and squid (buwad), those are just some of the things Cebuanos adore. Even Cebuanos overseas would request their friends and relatives to send over packages of these goodies just to satisfy their cravings.

Cebu Eats: You'll Get Addicted to the Cebuano Tempura

To the rest of the world, tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood, meat or vegetables that is battered and deep fried.

Unique Cebu Eats: Ever Heard of Hanging Rice?

Puso or hanging rice, as the name suggest is actually just rice, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection.

Hail the Pungko-pungko: The Savior of Cash-Strapped Cebuanos

Natives of Cebu, or those who have been cash-strapped students at some point in their lives anyway, are familiar with the pungko-pungko.

When in Cebu: Ordering Espresso Drinks, Gourmet, or Ordinary Coffee Made Easy

Are you the type of person who can’t function without caffeine? Do you need your coffee fix (doesn’t matter how disgusting the coffee tastes) no matter what? No need to worry.

6 Ways Buffet Restaurants Save Money While Tricking You Into Thinking it’s a Great Deal

Buffets are popping up everywhere in Cebu City. Prices range from P750 to P2,000 per person.

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