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Pinoy Recipes: Utan Bisaya (Local Vegetable Soup)

Being a true-blue Cebuano, one must have tasted the ever-famous local vegetable soup or in local dialect, “Utan Bisaya”.

Pinoy Recipes: Inun-unan na Isda (Bisaya ni 'Bay)

Inun-unan na Isda is fish cooked with vinegar and spices.

Pinoy Recipes: The Ultimate Filipino Pork Adobo

We know a lot of non-Filipinos who love adobo – may it be chicken or pork.

Pinoy Recipes: Minced Meat a.k.a Ginaling

Ginaling is a dish of minced meat and sautéed with garlic and onions. It's incredibly easy to make.

10 Best-Selling Types of Bread You'll Find in Cebu Bakeries

Rich or poor, bread is something that is always on every Filipino’s table.

Must-Try Foods in Cebu: Ever Heard of Hanging Rice?

Puso or hanging rice, as the name suggest is actually just rice, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection.

Must-Try Foods in Cebu: You'll Get Addicted to the Cebuano Tempura

To the rest of the world, tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood, meat or vegetables that is battered and deep fried.

Must-Try Foods in Cebu: SU TU KIL - Grilled, Stewed, and Cooked in Vinegar

Cebu is known for its exquisite and unique food trips and Sutukil is one of those things that always pop up when in the island.

What in the World is "Tuslob Buwa" (Literally translates to "Dip in Bubbles")?

Tuslob Buwa is a food originally made by Cebuanos in Pasil.

Why Korean Food is Taking Cebu by Storm

"Food is life" phrases that Filipino citizens are commonly used in their social media accounts with their attached photos of their favorite dishes.

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