Mother Sitang in the Philippines!

Source: PEP

Sitang Buathong/Sitagsus Bao, also called as “Mother Sitang”, is a 59 year old Thai transgender that became a popular internet sensation in the Philippines. She went viral after uploading videos of her doing headbangs. The videos reached a million views!

Wilberto Tolentino is Sitang's International Manager, beyondThailand. He was an LGBTQ advocate, founder of WEMSAP (Web Marketers Specialist Association of the Philippines), owner of Fahrenheit Café and Mr. Gay World Philippines. He influenced Sitang to visit the Philippines.

October 19, Friday, when Mother Sitang arrived in Manila Airport, many Filipino welcomed her, took selfies with her and asked for a sample of her headbang moves. She was grateful for Pinoys that support and love her.

On her Rated K interview she said that she was making the videos for fun, and that she was happy doing it. She was a human rights lawyer before, she also pursued being a fashion designer, model, and an endorser. She eventually became the “most sought-after product endorser” in Thailand.

She is married for almost 13 years. Her husband wasn't with her on her trip because of a heart disease. She also added that she want to learn Filipino language (Tagalog).

Many have laughed and mocked her for her physical appearance but she was known to be generous and kind in Bangkok and even donated to Typhoon Yolanda victims in 2013.

October 21, Sitang went to Brgy. Mariana in Quezon City to give fast food meals and other blessings in kind to children. “She loves kids because she doesn't have one, honestly she want to take care of the children personally,” Wilberto said. One hour after uploading her pictures in social media, it reached 134,000 views, 1.1 million in one day and 3.1 million after 2 days!

After her live performance at The One 690 Entertainment Bar and Philippine Shows, she was accompanied by her manager who toured her along Intramuros, Luneta and Tagaytay and other beautiful spots in Luzon.

On Wilberto Tolentino's interview by, he said that Sitang has two upcoming projects and planned to donate some of her earnings to children, HIV victims and cancer patients. She also has an endorsement with H & H Makeover Salon and a project with Vice Ganda. 

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