5 Worthy Everyday Investments that will Pay for Themselves

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Everyone loves a good deal, but have you ever wondered if you’re actually spending your money wisely? Are you getting your money’s worth? Does that P500 item work just as well as the P2,000 item? Sometimes it’s more than worth it to throw down the cash for an item – even if it’s expensive! – because they’re so useful and help you save so much money that they’ll end up paying for themselves.

It’s true! But first there are a couple of concepts to consider. The first is cost per use. This is very easily calculated by taking the cost of an item divided by the number of times you use it. A P500 item that breaks after the first use has a very high cost per use compared to a P2,000 item that you can use 20 times! By calculating the cost per use for your items, you can find out if it’s cheaper in the long run to buy the more expensive item.

Which brings us to the second concept: expensive vs overpriced. Something may be expensive, but if the cost per use is low, then it’s totally worth getting! An overpriced item, on the other hand, won’t have a low cost per use. With that in mind, here are 5 items that may be expensive – but can totally pay for themselves in the long run.

Electric Toothbrush

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Yes, they’re way more expensive than a regular toothbrush, but remember just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s overpriced! Depending on the brand, an electric toothbrush can boast of varying movements, with tens of thousands of movements per minute. They often have a built-in timer too, which is essential as most people underestimate the amount of brushing needed. All this translates to significantly cleaner teeth, which means less dental bills. And we all know how hefty those are. Pays for itself? Many times over, we think.

A Good Mattress

We spend around a third of our lives on our beds. That’s a very, very significant chunk of time. It also means we need to take proper care of ourselves during this time, lest we develop chronic aches and pains, especially in our lower back. A good and supportive mattress, therefore, is essential. Not only will it help ward off back problems and the associated medical bills, but also enable us to get a better night’s rest. A firm mattress that isn’t too hard will provide the best support.

Dash Cam

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If you drive, this is indispensable while traversing our roads. You never know when a careless driver will collide into you. Just one accident and if you can’t prove the other driver is at fault, the insurance payout will burn a massive hole in your pocket. Make sure you’ve got both the front and back facing cameras installed!

Reusable Water Bottle

Paying for overpriced bottled water outside is for suckers. Bringing a bottle of water (or any drink of your choice, really) in a reusable bottle will help you save a lot of money, and it’s much better for the environment to boot. If you only drink chilled drinks, consider investing in an insulated bottle and you’ll have a cold drink at hand whenever you please.

LED Light Bulbs

If you still haven’t made the switch to LED light bulbs in your home yet, why? LED light bulbs are more expensive, but they’re so much more energy efficient and can last for a good 20 years before needing to be replaced. This means the cost per use goes down compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs. And think about all the frustration you save by not having to deal with a burnt out, flickering ceiling light for a good two decades. What price would you place on that?