Did you know that there was a fire last Christmas at Duljo Fatima?!

Source: cebudailynews.inquirer.net

Was your Christmas and New Year celebration memorable and meaningful? Well, that is great because not all had the same experience. For some people, Christmas 2018 was terrible, especially for the residents of Duljo Fatima, Cebu City.

Firefighters tried to put out a huge fire at Duljo Fatima, in Cebu City last December 25, 2018 (Tuesday) around 3am in the morning. The residents was unprepared and haven't had packed clothes or anything that is valuable to them.

The 3 sitios around the Barangay was left in ashes and the estimated cost damage is 3 Million Pesos. The fire affected the lives of 593 families.

The families were evacuated in Brgy. Sports Complex and the nearby Chapel. The government officials had given packed meals for everyone to give them hope in the midst of the terrible incident. Captain Elmer Abella said in an interview that he would propose a reblocking on the area and an accessible road for the residents. A teenager named Cyrus John Perras, 12 years old, was found dead after the fires were put out. They said that Cyrus was taking a nap on the computer shop and didn’t notice the commotion.

Accidents may happen anytime and anywhere. It might come and it's way better if you know what to do. So what do you do?

In Case of Emergencies, Call 911

It's a government emergency hotline where you can get help. Speak clearly and narrate what is currently going on as much as you could. Identify yourself and location. 

The 911 representative will ask you these:

  • Your emergency
  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Details

Your call in government hotline won't cost you a single penny but STRICTLY NO PRANK CALLS! Immediately, help will be on its way.

Save these Fire Station Phone Numbers

Courtesy of Rhey Ann

For fires, take note of the fire station NEAREST you. These are their hotlines.

The most important hotline if you can't remember the stations will be the FIRE HOTLINE which is 166.

  • Talamban Fire Station: (032) 344 9200
  • Cebu Filipino-Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade: (032) 254 0200
  • Apas Fire Station: (032) 416 5130
  • Pahina Fire Station: (032) 256 0541
  • Parian Fire Station: (032) 225 0785
  • Mandaue Fire Station: (032) 344 4747
  • Guadalupe Fire Station: (032) 253 9474
  • Consolacion Fire Station: (032) 344 8299
  • Mabolo Fire Sub Station: (032) 233 1510
  • Lapu-lapu Fire District Station 1: (032) 340 0252 
  • Lahug Fire Sub Station: (032) 233 0501
  • San Nicolas Fire Sub Station: (032) 262 8530

Extra Tip

If your clothes catch fire: STOP, DROP and ROLL until the fire is put out.

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