Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: Dumanjug, the Land of Friendship


Dumanjug is also known as "The Land of the Friendship". It is a 3rd class municipality and belongs to the 7th District. The town was founded in 1855 that consists of 37 barangays and has approximately land area of 8,544 hectares (21,110) after the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) made a cadastral survey.

It is bordered by Barili (north), Tañon Strait (west), Sibonga (east) and Ronda (south). If you want to explore Dumanjug, write down this places and be sure to visit them!

Pityak/Tubod-Duguan Falls


This waterfall is located in Brgy. Tubod-Duguan. It is still undeveloped so you'll enjoy the natural beauty of nature at its best.

Camboang Marine Sanctuary

This has been founded in 1997 that covers 48 hectares located in Brgy. Camboang. Marine Sanctuary is made to protect and conserve. The government had also placed limits for human activity to protect and conserve underwater creatures.  It is also located in a National Integrated Protected Area System or NIPAS Area. 

St. Francis de Assisi


One of the oldest churches standing today. It was established on March 28, 1854 as a parish and was completed in 1864. It is made of limestone, coral stones and Balayong (native black wood). It has been designed, completed, erected, and supervised by Filipinos.

In 2004, it was marked on its 150th Founding Anniversary! 

In front of the church, Dona Josefa Paras Garcia Heritage park was situated. It has been used by the American soldiers as a cuartel during Spanish-American War.


BisNok Festival


If there's a church or Catholic Chapel, for sure there is a FEAST! 

Dumanjug celebrates BisNok Festival which was named after their famous and local food Bisayang Manok (local/indigenous chicken). The local chicken was proved to be tastier than others. It is celebrated in July annually and represent their culture and history by dancing. There are 4 major steps which are: Kakha-tuka (search for food), Birig ( courtship for hen), Himubul (Preparing the chicken to be cooked), Dabdab (grilling).

Who wouldn't want to explore this kind of town? Having tasty BisNok, Old Church, and Park Heritage! Not just that, they are producing high grade of Dolomite and phosphate resources in Brgy. Kanghumaod, Balay'g-Tiki, Bullogan, Kabalaasnan, Mantalao, and Kabatbatan.


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By Shelter child - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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Source: Wikipedia
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