Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: Scenic Samboan


Samboan is a quiet little town in southern Cebu. Quiet as it is, Samboan has a lot to offer, including colonial structures, natural attractions and the flavorful local delicacies.

Samboan was derived from the word “Sinamboang” which is a method of fishing used during Spanish regime.

It is approximately 150 KM from Metro Cebu. It was founded in 1784 consists of the following barangays:

  • Basak 
  • Bonbon           
  • Bulangsuran   
  • Calatagan       
  • Cambigong    
  • Camburoy                  
  • Canorong                   
  • Colase
  • Dalahikan       
  • Jumangpas                
  • Monteverde                
  • Poblacion                   
  • San Sebastian (Bato) 
  • Suba               
  • Tangbo

 The town has been awarded the National Seal of Good Local Governance (2016-2017) and as a Child-Friendly Municipality from 2016 to the present.

St. Michael Archangel Church


The St. Michael Archangel Church in Samboan became independent in 1784 and the current church was built by Augustinians. It was made of coral stones and one of the oldest churches in Cebu. It was declared as National Protected Heritage Structure by National Historic Commission. 

A reconstruction was done in 1915 under Fr. Ubaldo Enriquez but there are no records of the works that were made. The feast is celebrated annually from the 29th-30th day of September.

St. Jacob’s Ladder (Escala de Jacobe)


St. Jacob’s Ladder (Escala de Jacobe) has a total of 147 stone steps. It was built in 1877.  It will lead you to the Campanario de Antigua (Watchtower) in estimated to be 65 meters and gives you a great view of Tañon Strait.

The Campanario de Antigua was made of coral stones and the tallest watchtower in Cebu. It is 200ft. MASL (Meter Above Sea Level).

Museo de Samboan


After the new Samboan Municipal Hall was done, the old municipal hall ended up becoming the Museo de Samboan or Samboan Museum. It is a two storey museum that has cultural treasures, relics and religious artifacts. It became a municipal jail too.

World War ll Volunteers Monument


The World War ll Volunteers Monument is a landmark kiosk in the center of Barangay Poblacion on the National Highway. It was a monument dedicated for the volunteers who fought the war for the freedom of Filipino people.

Binalayan Waterfalls (Hidden Falls)


The Binalayan Waterfalls (Hidden Falls) is just a few minutes away from Aguinid Falls that is located in Brgy. Poblacion.

Aguinid Waterfalls


Aguinid Waterfalls consists of 8 level and situated in Brgy  Tamboan, Samboan. You have to climb on the cliffs and limestones to get on the upper levels. It's quite challenging and a bit dangerous.

Dao Falls


Dao Falls is the highest falls in Samboan! The road isn’t accessible like Binalayan and Aguinid Falls but it sure is a wonderful spot. There are other falls like Balayg Sawa  and Tabon Falls that will be develop soon but the three are most visited falls.

Mt. Bartolina

Mt. Bartolina is a peak that will leave you in awe! The AWE-SOME view is priceless. Standing on the peak in Mt. Bartolina you’ll get the best view of the both sides of Cebu, Bohol Island, Bais Bay, rest of Negros and Siquijor.

Local Delicacies

Let’s talk about local food in Samboan. The mouth-watering and tasteful dishes served and famous in the town.

  1. Torta Espesyal
  2. Torta de Tangbo
  3. Manokhang
  4. Linubihang Kagang
  5. Tabanglang
  6. Coco Maize Pudding

Samboan is an all in one town! From sumptuous food, history, ecotourism – it will surely make travellers come back for more. Have you been into this town? will be glad to hear of your travel experience.

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