Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: Ginatilan


Ginatilan is one of the towns located in Southern Cebu. It was once part of Samboan and was founded in 1847.

It has 14 barangays which are: Anao, Cagsing, Calabawan, Cambagte, Campisong, Canorong, Guiwan, Looc, Malatbo, Mangaco, Palanas, Poblacion, Salamanca and San Roque.

Have you heard about San Pedro Calungsod? He’s hometown was Ginatilan! He was a Catholic martyr and the second Filipino Saint. (Side question: Any of you guys remember who the first Filipino saint is?)

San Pedro Calungsod was killed in year 1672 in Guam with Diego Luis de San Vitores during a mission.

Ginatilan was once named as “Hinatdan” which means the things were brought there. During the Spanish times, they renamed it to Ginatilan.

Ginatilan Millennium Park


Ginatilan Millennium Park is located at the center of the town, in which government institutions are situated. The “plaza” planning concept was introduced to us by Spanish and been adopted since then. Every town has its own plaza, where all the government buildings and church surround it.

You can also notice the modern lighthouse. The beacons and monitoring systems are still functioning to warn marine vessels. It has rails and post along the edge to prevent accidents.

St. Gregory the Great Parish


St. Gregory the Great Parish has a Baroque architecture made of cut coral stones held by mortar. The church was constructed in February 2, 1829. It became a Parish church in 1874 with Rev. Fr. Clemente Nadella as the first priest. The belfry was constructed in March 25, 1883.

The church has 6 brass bells in different sizes and dimension. The 4 bells remained hanged while the other 2 is placed on the floor at the belfry.

Inambakan Falls


Inambakan Falls is located in Barangay Cabalawan near Bugnawan Falls. It is the most visited falls among all the other falls in Ginatilan. It is 100 ft (30 meters) tall and accessible through motorcycles.

It also has cottages made by residents near the area.

Bugnawan Falls

Bugnawan Falls is along the Samboan-Ginatilan border. It was named “Bugnawan” which means cold. The waterfall is 20 meter in height and 3 meters deep (Never try to jump off!)

Kampael Falls

Kampael Falls was named after the owner of the land, Rafael. The place was called “Kang Rafael” (Rafael’s) and abbreviated into Kampael. The waterfall is 13 meters tall and has a small basin.

If you want to visit Ginatilan Falls from Cebu City, you have to go to South Bus Terminal and hop in to a bus that shows a “Bato via Barili” sign. Tell the driver or conductor to drop you in Ginatilan. From the town, you can get a motorcycle ride to your destination.

Mt. Hambubuyog


Mt. Hambubuyog occupies the land area between Ginatilan and Samboan. At the top, you can witness the scenic view of Tañon Strait and Negros Island.



Ginatilan has a lot of local delicacies including lalagsin, tinumpi and sinagkol from the Buli tree which is mouth-watering! Did I miss places which you visited recently along Ginatilan? We would be glad to hear your travel experience.

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