Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: What to See in the City of Naga


The City of Naga or Naga City of the Province of Cebu – not to be mistaken for Naga City, the second class independent component city of Camarines Sur – was recently in the news, and not for a good reason.

In September 20, 2018, after super typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) hit the Philippines, a portion of the mountain collapsed and covered the houses in Barangays Tina-an and Naalad, Naga City. As of October 6, 2018, authorities ended their search and retrieval operations end, with a total death count of 78 dead, and 5 missing.

The Industrial City of the South

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Though this is a tragedy, we must remember that Naga City was once a booming “Industrial Hub of Southern Cebu”, housing industries such as:

  • Apo Cement Corp. (the largest factory in Philippines)
  • FSP Group
  • KEPCO Phil. Corp. (290-Megawatt Power plant)
  • MRC Allied Industries
  • Kyocera Kinseki Phil. Inc.
  • Pryce Gas Inc.
  • Rikio Southeast Asia
  • 147-Megawatt Coal fined Salcon Powerplant Corp.

Dagitab Festival

This December 23, 2018 will be the 11th annual celebration of the Dagitab Festival that express these 6 aspects: light, progress, industry, tourism, economic development, and employment to the people.

Naga’s city officials give their best to make it one of the grandest cultural festivals in Cebu. Each year, every barangay has dance contingents vying for top prize, clad in colourful costumes and dancing to beats that make everyone dizzyingly happy.

Have you heard about the latest attraction in Naga City located near the city plaza? This is one of the best (and free) destinations in the area.

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Naga Boardwalk

The Naga Boardwalk is a P62 Million project. It is open to the public at no charge, from 5am-2am every day. You can relax your mind and feel the cool breeze from the sea! You can dine in one of the restaurants near the site if you’re feeling peckish.

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Naga Marine Baywalk

Baywalk, boardwalk. What’s the difference? They’re different places but the tranquillity they bring are roughly the same. Naga Marine Baywalk also allows you to relax and come night time, you’ll be amazed at the lights and cool sea breeze. Perfect for a date if you’re on a tight budget. You can go fishing too! Just bring your own fishing materials or make memorable moments with your family here and take lots pictures!

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Mt. Naupa

Cebu has numerous peaks with breathtaking views. Mount Naupa is one of them. It is absolutely free, but you have to remember to take care of Mother Nature as you explore the mountain. Leave no trace and take nothing with you.

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Source: Tommy Osmeña's Facebook Page
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