Pasko sa Cebu (Christmas in Cebu)

The pandemic could not stop Filipino from celebrating the Christmas Season of the year. As the coronavirus spreads through the world, we dreamed and hoped for it to end. We wished to go back to our normal days, no quarantine, no fear of the virus, and back to our usual daily routines.

One of Catholic traditions in the Philippines during Christmas season is attending Simbang Gabi, Misa de Gallo and preparing food for Noche Buena.

Source: Cebu City Public Information Office

The Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu is one of the most crowded Roman Catholic churches located in downtown Cebu. Provided below is the latest announcement and schedule from Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu:



      Date and Time


Misa de Gallo

December 16-24 at 5AM

Live on Facebook

Simbang Gabi

December 15-23 at 7:30PM

Live on Facebook


Be reminded that:

  • You should wear a face mask and face shield inside the church.

  • Hand washing is important before going in and out. 

  • All 15 years below and 65 years old above are strictly prohibited.

  • Physical distancing is a must.

  • No need to bring Quarantine Passes.


Native or rice delicacies are mouthwatering dishes that are enjoyed after the dawn mass arebudbod, suman, bibingka, pan bisayaand the famoussikwate (local-made chocolate from cacao)orsalabat. 


The Cebu government has implemented new guidelines for the churchgoers and allowed Misa de Gallo and Simbang Gabi despite the threat of coronavirus disease and made adjustments in protocols. One of it was giving the churchgoers limited time from 4am to 6am to dawn masses and 5pm to 9pm for novena. 


Aside from this, a Christmas Tree of Hope was built inside The Heritage Park located in Fuente Osmeñia Circle. It is 30 feet high. It was lit during the ceremonial tree-lighting event that happened on December 1, 2020 led by Governor Gwendolyn Garcia.


Few days left, it's Christmas Day! Merry Christmas, everyone!