Pinoy Urban Legends 11: My Way Curse

Source: Hinnerk R, Hinnerk Rümenapf, Wikimedia Commons

If you know this song by Sinatra, I suggest you don’t sing this in a karaoke—and no it is not because of your voice (partly).

Over the past decade, something sinister has come upon this song when sung in karaoke bars and any café or restaurant that sings it.

You pick the song, start it and sing it but once you do, you also unleash hell—not your voice again. Many incidents all over Philippines were caused because of this song. One incident was on how when someone was singing a song a police officer drew a revolver. Thousands of killings have occurred because of that song being sung.

Many have removed that song now from karaoke machines so try and search for it if you want just don’t sing. It is said to be evil because of the lyrics provoking a malevolent version of you or maybe because we are in the Philippines and karaoke will always be partnered with alcohol here which almost never ends well for the singer and the audience.