Pinoy Urban Legends 8: The Injection

Source: The Courier Mail

So you guys seem to enjoy reading urban legends. Well, well, well. Here's more to scare you *evil laugh*.

This urban legend actually happened to a friend of my brother and happened a lot in the Philippines in the early 2000’s. If you feared needles when you were young then this story will surely acknowledge that long, lost childhood fear. Be warned, this story will scare you skin-deep.

This story is about a woman who rode on a jeepney in the middle of the afternoon with a lot of people riding with her. It was a normal day and this was her usual route and routine. She placed her arm on the window ledge of the jeep and just let the wind brush her face as the jeepney continued its path. When the jeepney stopped, she saw vendors on the street selling water bottles, children singing and begging for loose change and a man just standing outside on the edge of the street staring at her. At first, she thought nothing of it so she just looked away. When she passed on her payment for the ride, a hand grabbed her arm and when she looked at who grabbed her, it was the man holding an injection, inserting the needle in her arm and pushing the fluid into her. Just as quick everything happened, that is also how quick the man ran away.

She went to the hospital and the results showed she acquired AIDS/HIV. Other versions of the story were done in a cinema or bar and could even not include a man but just a needle sticking out on a seat or table. As for the friend of my brother, luckily, she did not get any diseases when she was injected on her face suddenly by a guy while riding the jeepney. Be careful and please check your surroundings.

Pinoy Urban Legends 7: Why There are No More Agta Sightings

Source: DeviantArt, Kapre Sion by Kaiser-jiM
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Pinoy Urban Legends 6: Cat in the Siopao

Source: Televido, Wikimedia Commons
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Source: LionHearTV
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Pinoy Urban Legends 3: The Headless Priest

Source: Alonsovg, DeviantArt
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