Pinoy Urban Legends 3: The Headless Priest

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Another urban legend told in the Philippines is the ‘Headless Priest’.

It’s a story about the ghosts of the priests whose heads were severed by colonizers—Spanish in some versions and Japanese in another. Beware for this story might make your head roll. (You have been warned)

Where's the Head?


The story starts with a student and her best friend wandering the campus at night. Their campus was a religious school owned by priests during the colonization period. As the girls were walking and laughing, they saw a figure come out from afar—barely recognizable but there. At first, they thought nothing of it but as the figure slowly walked in a slow patterned haze towards them, they realized that there was something off about the person coming towards them with a priest’s clothes, they just couldn’t tell what it was. That was until her best friend screamed and pointed at the figure—it had no head! 

The girls stood, paralyzed, as they also realized that the headless priest was holding something on its right hand—it was his head. He walked closer and closer until they couldn’t take it anymore and ran away. After they were at a safe distance, they looked back and saw no one there.

Other Versions

Other versions of the story share that it was in a cemetery, hospital or other creepy places in the Philippines you can think of andwhen they saw the headless priest, it had no head on its right hand and it just kept coming towards them. As the girl ran out of shock, she looked beside her and realized that her best friend was not with her. When she looked back, the priest was carrying something on its right hand and it was a head but it was not his—it was her best friend.

Just remember, do not leave your ‘best friend’ next time and please before running give your best friend a heads up, will you?

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