Business Ideas While Quarantined

The pandemic has affected us not just mentally, physically, and emotionally but also financially.

With the limiting resources for some, if not most of us, to garner a source of income, one can’t help but feel lost during these times. Don’t worry cause there are three ways to earn money during the pandemic at home.

Sell art

  • Commissioning through Twitter and promoting your art there has become the norm for some digital artists. Especially since it is easier to reach others through retweets. 
  • Selling decorative plants and pots are also booming on Facebook for those who love gardening and plant-keeping in general. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally-friendly so you would do a solid for the green movement.
  • Handcrafted products could easily capture a viewer’s interest especially if it isn’t readily available elsewhere.


Sell food

  • Sell baked goods such as cookies online. The sure-buy of it is because it is made by you and not by commercially-made items. 
  • Sell your unique drink whether it be tea, milk tea, coffee, or juice drinks. As long as it is unique and good for the money, there will be buyers out there.
  • Sell dishes that have a unique recipe. It can be a secret family recipe or a twist to what is usually found.


Sell stuff

  • Sell your old clothes online. There will surely be someone who will buy it. Online ukay-ukay can be a part of the new normal.
  • Sell your books and make an album on Facebook to showcase each one for viewers to readily see each item. 
  • Sell your furniture. After all, a man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


You can use a third-party courier to pick-up and deliver the items bought with a minor charge. It will not only aid you financially but also gives you an opportunity to try out your passions, clear out your stuff and try other fields that weren’t really focused on before.