Pinoy Urban Legends 4: The Endless Road


Another urban legend told in the Philippines is the ‘Endless Road’.

It’s a story about a boy who was doing an errand for his mother at night in the province where he was returning home—the problem? He couldn’t. Beware for this story might make you run around in circles. (You have been warned)


Source: Citruspers DeviantArt

The story starts with a spoiled boy who bought salt for his mother and was heading home. In the province, people rarely go out at night and that night was no exception. As the moonlit road was the only source of light for the kid aside for houses he would occasionally pass, he began to realize that he was seeing the same house and same path again and again. At first, he just thought that he was just having de-ja-vu but after a while he realized that it doesn’t take him this long to go back to his house so he begins to feel lost. He continuously goes in circles smelling burnt cigarette and seeing a dark, large figure on the tree line. He was taken by supernatural elements and was toyed with in a circle forever. Some say it was because he was a naughty boy and he was punished by the Agta (large man who is said to dwell in trees) in those forest for ranting about the simple task.

Other Versions

Other versions tell of a happier ending for the boy where all he had to do was turn his clothes inside out to escape the repetition. Whatever truly happened can only be known if you never see him again or if you see him with his clothes inside out. Just remember, do not be a spoiled little brat and don’t buy anything at night unless you really need it.

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