Must-Try Foods in Cebu: SU TU KIL - Grilled, Stewed, and Cooked in Vinegar


Cebu is known for its exquisite and unique food trips and Sutukil is one of those things that always pop up when in the island.

What exactly is SU TU KIL? Sutukil or ‘Sugba. Tinola. Kinulaw.’ is the best food trip to do because it is not only cheap but varies in options since it means ‘Grill. Stew. Raw.’ Raw, meaning raw food cooked in vinegar. Sounds gross? Don't judge 'till you've tried it.

Tourists, this is something you should try. Sutukil transcends social status and money here in Cebu -- both the rich and poor enjoy dishes prepared this way. Check out Finding Paradise's Sutukil video.

Source: Finding Paradise, YouTube

Sutukil restaurants are usually found near the sea. Sutukil dishes are normall seafood, by the way. Common food options in these types of restaurants are grilled crabs, stewed prawns, pork belly, grilled fish, calamares, raw fish cooked in vinegar and more. Some also have halo-halo, a Filipino dessert or a sorbet to cool you from the heat of the day afterwards.




Be warned though, that some sutukil restaurants will try to rip you off -- especially if you are a foreigner without a local guide. Make sure you ask about the prices and note them down. Remember what you order and how it is cooked. It's better that way to avoid surprises.

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