Pinoy Urban Legends 9: Robinsonssssss


Yes, the old but gold legend about the Robinsons Malls owner.

This story will surely slither down your spine and make you never want to go to that mall ever again.

The owner is said to have a twin brother with snake-like features who crave meat. Later, as the snake man grew, his appetite did as well—for human meat. This is the supposed reason why Robinsons was made so that it would keep his brother inside as unknowing victims fall prey to his brother’s hunger. It is said to never go to a dressing or changing room alone for there will be a trap door that makes you fall to the lair of the snake and that is where he devours you. You are never seen again or your remains. The snake man knew when to open the trap door because it is said that the changing rooms had CCTV cameras for him to see and choose from.

Other versions tell the trap door is in the restrooms and that the snake is in Robinsons Galleria Manila or the Robinsons in the Fuente Circle of Cebu. The spiral features of the mall in Cebu is partly the reason why he is kept there, so that he can easily go up and down feasting on any victim he chooses. Don’t worry though, if you think it is true, there was a report that a humanoid snake was found dead in Robinsons Galleria so yes, he’s dead—but maybe he has children (hmm). Even if he is not dead, there is good news for men because it is said that he only eats women (sexist, I know). So, next time, just remember that when you pick out that snake skin purse, you could be picking out his corpse’s skin.