Is Your Kid Spoiled?

Source: Bigbitgnom, Wikimedia Commons

Teenagers are always showed as angsty, hormonal wrecks that will automatically mature after their said ‘glory days’.

But when do we know if it is a phase or borderline their personality now?

Here are five signs your kid is rotten to the core and not just being an emotional wreck because of puberty:

Short EQ

Teenagers drastically change their mood all the time but when you see your teen distraught over things they can easily handle on their own but need your help then you are in hell big time. These are kids that are so used to being helped by you that they think they can continue it until not needed. They can cook on their own and they can fold their clothes on their own. Don’t let your little princess goggles blind you from the monstrosity growing in front of you.

Loud and irritating

Source: Linsenhejhej, Wikimedia Commons

If your teen calls out your name from their room for you to get or do something then that is not puberty that is plain laziness. Let them walk on their own, they did it when they were toddlers, they can do it now. Remember, they are hormonal not crippled.

Silent and rude

Most teens have lots going on in their minds so there will be times when they let it out on the world but when it repeatedly is done then there is something wrong with their minds. If they think silence and having a cold shoulder will cure any argument then they are immature and will surely bring it until their adulthood same as those who think rolling their eyes is ever right for any occasion. Being rude is not a just fight it is a loss for them and their self-respect.

Physical and touchy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fists and kicks to a fight is as shallow as it gets. If they can’t control their anger to just words then they can’t handle adulthood because being physical only leads to jail or probation. If they use their brawns then you should be worried about their brains.


If you are having a kid who does almost everything before a deadline then that is a habit not a teenage cry for help. Fix it now because it will surely affect their work life later. Discipline is what they need not to be grounded in their room the entire day because FYI they like to be there.