Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: Malabuyoc


Malabuyoc is approximately 125 kilometers southwest coast of Cebu. It belongs to the 7th district and 5th income class municipality. It is a beautiful town in agriculture and fruit-bearing trees. In fruit seasons, the trees “bent down” to the ground which is “buyoc” in Cebuano and became Malabuyoc.

The town was founded in 1832 and separated to the mother town Alegria.

It has the following Barangays under it:
Brgy. I (Poblacion)
Brgy. II (Poblacion)
Cerdena (Arsan)
Labrador (Bulod)
Mindanao (Pajo)
Salmeron (Bulok)
Santo Nimo (Salering)
Sorsogon (Balikmaya)
Tolosa (Calatagan)

Are you one of those who travel to explore and seek adventure?

This town can give you a lot of spots!

  • Montañeza Beach, Falls and Mainit Spring
  • Arazana Spring
  • Handigan Falls
  • Old Baluarte (watchtower)
  • San Nicolas de Tolentino Church

The town isn't just a silent town, it has secret places which could give your jaw drop by the time you saw the scenic place.


Montañeza Beach, Falls and Mainit Spring


Montañeza Beach is located at the South National Road and one of the public beaches. There's no fine sand here but rather pebbles and rocks. Few visitors know the place but mostly locals enjoy the sea and soothing breeze. 

Montañeza Falls is one of Cebu's pride when it comes to waterfalls. It has several small drops and the trail would lead you to the falls final drop. 

Montañeza Mainit Spring has 4 different pools and temperatures! Isn't that amazing? You can choose which your body wants! It also belongs to the Barangay Montañeza and doesn't cost much. The hottest pool temperature was 42.6°C. 

Handigan Falls


This is a single layer waterfall that is located in Brgy. Sorsogon (Balikmaya). There is no clear trail going to the place and only few knows where this is so it's better if you ask for help in barangay officials.

Kabutongan Falls

This waterfall is located  at Brgy. Looc. This is a challenging one and not a good place for beginners.

The falls would give you the total package of nature, in other words it is purely untouched. So, here's the thing, you should crawl up, swim across polls which is waist deep (if you have an average height though), and walk into slippery slopes! Be sure to get experienced tour guides. 

Old Baluarte (Watchtower)


In Spanish-era, we were afraid to be attacked by Moro raids. By the help of Fr. Julian Bermejo, an Augustinian a watchtower was built to watch over the sea shores. As of now, the the watchtower is now a museum which houses relics that gives you a glimpse on the municipality way back in centuries.

San Nicolas de Tolentino Church


The parish was founded in 1834, it is made by Coral stones and the facade has relief artworks. The feast of the church is held annually every September 9 until 10. During feast day, the barangays represent dance contingents to compete on street dancing and activities.

Did you know that Southwestern Cement Corporation (SWCC), Eagle Cement Corporation, and Malabuyoc 600-Megawatt Power Station is located in Malabuyoc? It didn't just offered great help for the residents but also the town.


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