Tourist Attractions South of Cebu: To Alcoy We Go

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Alcoy has numerous beautiful beach resorts that won’t break the bank. Not to be mistaken with Alcoy, Spain, Alcoy, Cebu is a 5th class municipality with a population of 16,979 people.

Here are some of the sights to see while in Alcoy.

Alcoy Municipal Hall


Mr. Sixto Niere, the first elected municipal president proposed to rename the Mambaje to Alcoy after the Alcoy in Spain, and it was eventually approved. Alcoy consists of 8 barangays and is approximately 98 KM from Metro Cebu. It was once part of Dalaguete and became an independent town on July 16, 1898.

Do you know the town was called as “Black Sharma Municipality” because it’s home to the famous Cebu Black Shama (Siloy)? 

Siloy Festival


The Siloy Festival promotes the Mag-abo forest where the “Siloy” (Black Shama) bird can be found. The feast also honors the town's patron saint, St. Rosa de Lima.

Antig Tingko Beach

Source: Antig Tingko Beach's Facebook Page

Antig Tingko Beach is located in Brgy. Daan-Lungsod next to Voda Krasna Beach Resort. It is a public beach and is known for its beautiful fine sand. If you want to stay longer, you can rent beach houses and cottages or you can bring your own tent if you plan to camp! The entrance fee ranges P10-25 and the tent is between P100-200.  Affordable right?

You can also do snorkeling in Mabad-on reef (a deep lagoon that disappears during high tide).

Voda Krasna Beach Resort


Voda Krasna Beach Resort offers the perfect nature getatway. Prices are a bit steep, but the view is well worth it. Those of you who have been there, what can you say about this resort?

Room and Villa Rates

Villa 1

  • P6,000
  • Good for 4 person with free breakfast
  • P1,200/head for extra person (maximum of 4)

Villa 2

  • P5,000
  • Good for 2 person with free breakfast.
  • P1,200/ head for extra person (maximum of 2)

 Ruby Room

  • P6,000
  • Good for 2 person with breakfast

 Room 1

  • P7,000
  • Good for 2 with breakfast

Room 2

  • P6,000
  • Good for 2 with breakfast

Room 3

  • P6,000
  • Good for 2 with breakfast


  • P1,700 (day use)
  • P2,500 (night use)
  • 160/ head for extra person (maximum of 10)

Table with Beach Umbrella

  • P300 (day use)
  • P600 (night use)
  • 160/head for extra person (maximum of 4 person)

Room facilities include two twin beds, cable television, telephone, hot and cold shower, internet access, and mini-bar. Kids below 7 years old above are considered as paying guests.

Bodo's Parrot Paradise Resort and Restaurant

Source: Bodo's Parrot Paradise Resort and Restaurant's Facebook Page

Do you love body massages or maybe even a boat trip? Then, Bodo's Parrot Paradise Resort and Restaurant will suit you. If you want to save money on your getaway, this resort has tour packages which you can avail of

They have 14 rooms and a function hall for other occasion or activities.

Did I miss any of the Alcoy tourist spots or beaches here? Share your suggestions below. We would be glad to hear them.

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