Freshmen: 5 Things to Know Before Entering High School

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Congratulations! You passed hell- I mean, elementary! Now off to high school.

You must be having anxiety attacks, second thoughts, a hard time breathing and are sweating a lot-- not helping I know. Don’t worry, it’s normal, everyone feels the same way. To enter a new environment is never easy and that is why you should know these tips before entering high school.

Be hygienic

You are already a teenager which means you are going through puberty (good for you, I guess). It might be great to see your body mature but trust me, there are bad sides that come along with it like body odor, hair everywhere and this thing called self-esteem that seems to lower just as low as a boy’s voice falls. To combat these, you should always wear deodorant, you might not smell it but others do (better be safe than sorry); you shouldn’t shave it unless it becomes a problem and if it is your first-time shaving, have an adult teach you (go with the flow not against it); and with self-esteem, I can’t help you with that, only you can do that for you. Just remember, be you and don’t care of what others think unless you seriously need a personality check (if you think no one’s a bully, it could be you).


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Don’t overprepare but do prepare. Bring a ballpen and notebook if there is no requirement given and always bring snacks. I do not mean the materials alone but you as well, mentally prepare for the change and grow into who you want to be there. Make mistakes, learn from it just remember, don’t do drugs kids.


Trust me, they want a friend just as you do. If you’re an introvert, don’t worry, you won’t need to find people to be your friend, they’ll find you. Also, remember these two quotes to live by, this will come in handy in the years to come: Quality vs Quantity, and the birds of the same feather flock together until the cat comes. It means that the number of friends do not define friendship and always choose those that are with you through thick and thin and not because of similarities alone.

Be creative

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First impressions last so make it a good one. Introduce creatively, and be positive because everything will fall into place if you feel like it will.

Expect diversity

Meeting new people means new characteristics, opinions and backgrounds so please respect and understand that difference is common in high school and change will also be constant.

Good luck, High School Freshmen! (and remember, college will be waiting just around the corner)