Travelling/Transit Flights from Singapore to Cebu During the Pandemic: A Guide for OFWs

Scoot and Changi staff wearing PPEs

Flights to Cebu will most likely be transiting through Changi Airport.

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This is not an ideal time to travel, however, there might be circumstances beyond our control that will compel us to fly back home to the Philippines.


Health declaration forms

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Register at

1. Fill up the One Health Declaration Registration mandated by the Bureau of Quarantine: They will send a confirmation number to your email. I suggest you print this out.

2. Fill up the MCIAA form 5 days before your flight. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Take note of the unique Barcode/Travel Reference Number (TRN) sent to your email address upon completion of the form. It is important that you print this out or save it to your phone.

3. Validate your Ministry of Health vaccination card at the Philippine Embassy or get a validation form. Make an appointment first at [email protected] In my case, the embassy will no longer validate Singapore vaccination cards.


Take note of these requirements

1. On the day of the flight, prepare the following:

a. Printed Barcode/Travel Reference Number (TRN) from the MCIAA confirmation email

b. The printed One Health Declaration Registration from the Bureau of Quarantine (just to be on the safe side)

c. Your passport

d. Your ticket

e. OEC

f. Download the Traze app which is also available on Huawei App Gallery

IOS App Store ->
Google Play ->
HUAWEI AppGallery ->

2. If your flight is Scoot, it is in Terminal 1. You can enter only via Door 3.

a. Note that your friends will not be allowed inside the airport. They can only drop you off at the drop off point.

b. Turn on the Trace Together app and scan the QR code at the entrance of Door 3.

c. Upon entering, an officer will ask to see your passport and ticket.

d. Turn left to head to the Scoot check in counters

e. The Scoot check in counter only has one entry point. There will be someone who will ask for your passport and ticket.

f. He/she will then give you a checklist of things to prepare:

- i. Have you filled up the MCIAA Form?

- ii. Save the Barcode/Travel Reference Number (TRN) from the MCIAA confirmation email

- iii. Fill up the Singapore Health Declaration form (white form)

- iv. Fill up the Philippine Health Declaration form (yellow form)

- v. Download the TRAZE App. No need to register.

- vi. Face mask and face shield. They’re a must have.

g. After filling up the forms, you will hand over the Singapore Health Declaration form (white form) to the Scoot staff. They will also ask to see the checklist mentioned above:

- i. TRN/barcode

- ii. Health Declaration Form (yellow)

- iii. Boarding pass

- iv. Passport

- v. TRAZE app

- vi. Face shield

- vii. Also show that you have the One Health Declaration Registration from the Bureau of Quarantine (just to be on the safe side)


Manual check in. You do not need to touch the screen.

1. Hand over your ticket and passport to the staff in the Scoot check in counter.Note that NONE of the automated self-service check-in processes are currently in place.

2. Place your check in bag on the conveyer belt. 

3. Once confirmed, you will receive your boarding pass and passport.

4. Head to the Departure Gate. An ICA Officer will check out your boarding pass and passport.

5. Then head straight to Immigration. At the automated gantry, scan your passport. You will also be asked for your fingerprints.

6. Once cleared, head to your boarding gate

NOTE: THERE ARE NO RESTAURANTS OPEN INSIDE THE BOARDING GATE. If you need to buy food, buy it from 7-Eleven (2nd floor)


Care pack provided by Scoot

1. Once you enter the assign Zone, you will not be allowed to go out. There are no vending machines open. Don’t worry, there are toilets inside.

2. Wait for boarding.

3. Once allowed into the boarding enclosure, take out your laptop from your bag, your watch, and jacket and place it on a separate tray. Be mindful of your belongings.

4. You will be asked to take off your mask and face shield so Scoot can validate your passport photo.

5. Upon boarding, you will be provided with a hand sanitizer, mask, and alcohol wipes in the plane.Wipe down your armrest, seat, and tray tables.

6. Scoot is practicing safe distancing, so there are empty seats between you and strangers. Do your part as well, don't lean too close to other passengers.


Take note of these requirements.


Orientation: the IATF guidelines for the benefit of all passengers. Listen carefully.

1. Prepare the following prior to landing:

a. Health Declaration Paper (yellow)

b. Passport

c. Boarding Pass

d. MCIAA TRN/barcode

e. Immigration white card

2. Disembarkation will be by rows(and it is orderly)

3. IATF Guidelines Announcement. Upon disembarkation, you will be led to a small area and asked to sit while a nurse from the Bureau of Quarantine reads out the IATF guidelines. They will ask the unvaccinated to head to immigration first, followed by the partially-vaccinated, the vaccinated outside the Philippines, and vaccinated in the Philippines.

OWWA Accommodation Slip. They will shoulder all your accommodation and meal expenses.

4. Bureau of Quarantine. You will be asked to show your TRN/barcode, boarding pass, and passport to BOQ. They will attach a copy of the TRN/barcode to your passport. Disclose all the places you travelled to over the last 14 days.

5. Immigration Clearance. You will be asked to take off your mask and face shield for the camera.

6. Hotel Assignment by OWWA. Head 1 floor down to OWWA. They will ask you for your vaccine history and you will be assigned a hotel.

Important Note: You cannot choose hotels. OWWA will assign it for you.

7. Accommodation Slip. You will then be given a green accommodation slip.

Queue up for the bus that will take you to your quarantine hotel.

8. On-Arrival Swab. You will then have to undergo a swab test. One swab from the mouth and another swab from your nostril. You will only be notified of the test result if you are COVID-19 positive. If you don't receive an email, then that's good news. 

9. Luggage Claim. Walk across the hall to claim your luggage. The representative of the hotel assigned by OWWA will also be within the area and ask you to fill up a hotel registration form.

10. Customs Clearance. Fill up the Customs Clearance form. Then, head to the customs clearance queue and have your hand carried bags scanned.

11. Bus to the OWWA-Assigned Hotel. There will be someone who will instruct you where to queue for the bus to the OWWA assigned hotel. Prepare a few pesos as tip for the porter. Bring with your your important handcarry luggages inside the bus just to be on the safe side. 

13. An OWWA representative will provide instructions while inside the bus. You will be quarantined for 10 days. 4 days will be at your home address. You need to coordinate with the LGU who will be the one to fetch you from your quarantine hotel once your 10 days quarantine is over.


Room assignment procedures

1. Separate Entrance. You will be led through a separate entrance for returning OFWs. Your luggages will be brought up to the debriefing area/hotel room assignment location after the hotel sanitizes your luggages.

2. Briefing. Then, there will be a debriefing by OWWA personnel at the lobby. Those who will be travelling to other provinces, please listen carefully to their instructions. 

Now much needs to be improved here. The system was very unruly. A proper queueing system would have done the trick.

Some people refused to wait to be assigned rooms and clear the processes before grabbing their packed meals. Everyone was hungry, that much is true. However, it is no excuse to FORGET that we have a social responsibility to keep everyone safe. People were eating the packed meals, masks down, and some were coughing without any regard for their seatmates. It was an airconditioned room, mind you. It would have only taken a few more minutes of waiting to enjoy their meal in the safety of their rooms.

3. Hotel Assignment and Registration. Prepare your:

a. passport,

b. boarding pass,

c. OWWA accommodation slip and

d. hotel registration form

You will then be assigned a room and given instructions. No outside food deliveries allowed. No items from your families/relatives will be handed over to you. You can only coordinate staff inside the hotel for your needs.

5. Meals. You will be provided with your packed lunch, a water bottle, and disposable cutleries.

6. Escorted to Room. You will then be led to your room.

7. Ask for Assistance. Bai Hotel provides a welcome kit, 10 water bottles, kettle, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and tissue. If you need further assistance, you may dial 0 and speak with an operator.