Bored Out of Your Wits at Work? Here are 8 Funny Animal Videos to Perk You Up


Sometimes, after spending hours concentrating at work, you just need, no, you deserve a break.

After all, even robots can’t work nonstop – we all need a bit of downtime to unwind. So, take a walk to the pantry to stretch your legs, make a cuppa tea to enjoy, snack a little or give yourself a break by watch funny animal videos on YouTube.

If you ask me, watching funny animal videos is the best way to relax during your break or to perk you up when you're about to fall asleep. Who can resist cute puppies, kitties or even a baby panda?

Fail Cat jumps!

Ready, get set, jump! Waffles the cat tries out his high jump. Hope he’s okay.

Source: YouTube


Whoever thought of putting the music to this video must have been feeling particularly inspired. Genius! 

Source: YouTube

Stick vs Door

Which one will Blue choose?

Source: YouTube

One, two, three…

How many carrots do you think this hamster can fit inside his mouth?

Source: YouTube

I’m Sorry

A guilty dog asks his owner for forgiveness. Look at that face… Just forgive him already!

Source: YouTube

Oops… It wasn’t me

Look at the Scottish Fold kitten’s face when he realises that his owner caught him doing something he wasn’t supposed to. Priceless!  

Source: YouTube

Ready or Not, Here I Come

LMAO Niko really sucks at playing hide and seek, doesn’t he?

Source: YouTube


Watch how Buttermilk the goat “plays” with her other baby goat friends. Stay out of Buttermilk’s way!

Source: YouTube