Millennial 101: 5 Internet Slangs You Need to Know


Let me get straight to the point and think you already at least know the basic acronyms being used in the internet today.

From the LOL (Laughing out Loud) or the other alternatives of it such as ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing), BRB (Be Right Back), IDK (I Don’t Know), IDC (I Don’t Care), BTW (By the Way) and the very infamous OMG (Oh my, God/ Gosh).

If you have no idea what at least one of those examples mean before reading them now then OMG you really need this.


This slang has been growing through the years, especially since people seem to be more opinionated and more offended these days. This is actually ‘In My Opinion’ and IMO people should really use this with utmost media literacy and not for the sake of having a say on things just for starting an unnecessary argument. Next thing you know it, World War III is done through Twitter and fought by hormonal, privileged teenagers. Chill, guys.


Writing articles for your entertainment are FTW. ‘For the Win’ is an enthusiastic acronym pertaining to support of a certain topic. Be warned though, it may also be used for sarcasm. The FTW acronym FTW!


‘Screw my life’. No, I am not being angsty, that is what SML means. It is to summarize the teenage angst in three letters online. There is also a lewd version of it though and it is FML. I guess you can already think of what the F stands for. (If you don’t be careful of who you’ll ask though, you don’t want that to be a conversation with your family and boss.


‘To be honest’, if you do not know what that means then you really have been living under a rock. It has been used in a lot of posts to compliment those who like your post (TBH by liking this post) maybe for popularity or attention. So TBH, don’t use this unless you just want likes or have an intervention with someone online.


‘By the way’, this is the last on my list but be sure to know that I’ll BRB (Be Right Back) and post more topics like these for you or W/E (whatever) topic I can think of.

FYI (For Your Information) these are not the only acronyms out there and using them won’t automatically make you cool. You’ve been warned.

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