10 Best-Selling Types of Bread You'll Find in Cebu Bakeries

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Rich or poor, bread is something that is always on every Filipino’s table.

During special occasions, or daily snacks (meriendas), bread is the one that is almost always there. Yes, we love our carbs.

Cebuanos (most Filipinos probably) love to dunk their bread into hot coffee, milk or hot chocolate. Or, we fill them with jam (strawberry jam from Baguio are the best!), scrambled eggs (no kidding), spam or butter.

Here are 10 of Cebuanos’ most favorite breads (they sell out pretty quickly!):

Pan de sal

Source: http://juliesbakeshop.com.ph

Arguably the most popular, truly pinoy bread, you will find this one everywhere. Even in the poshest bakeries. This is best eaten when dunked in hot coffee on a cold morning.


Source: http://juliesbakeshop.com.ph


Don’t say it like how a Westerner would say “Francis”. They wouldn’t get you the first time. Here, you tell the bakery attendant, that you want “pranses”. The best part of the Frances is the crunchy tips. The taste is bland though, so prepare your hot coffee or choco to pair with this bread.



Lechon Bread

Source: https://breadnbuttertv.files.wordpress.com

Awww look at those little piggies. Lechon bread doesn’t actually contain any lechon (roasted pig). Rather, it is shaped like lechon. Trust us, this one is all bread. 

Sliced Bread

Source: Wikipedia

Our grandparents refer to it as the “American Bread” or the “Sandwich Bread”. Sliced bread is something you can find anywhere – even inside supermarkets. They can stay fresh for up to a week. Cebuano parents often place this on the table – easily accessible by kids. This type of bread makes the perfect sandwich bread for just about anything – butter, jam, dunked in coffee, bacon, tuna, and even ice cream!


Source: http://juliesbakeshop.com.ph

If you’re into breads with a creamy, sweet taste, then the monay is definitely for you. The monay is creamier and thicker than most of the other breads on this list -- most of them anyway. Nothing beats the sweetness of the ensaymada.


Source: http://juliesbakeshop.com.ph

Aaaahhhh the delicious ensaymada. Twirl bread (its signature form), creamy and rich, and topped with butter, lots of sugar and cheese. There are so many new versions of this. I personally am hooked on Goldilock’s ensaymada.

Pan de Coco

Source: Wikipedia

Pan de coco is a soft bun filled with sweetened coconut bits. Sweet enough as it is, you don't need to dunk it in anything. If you're not from the Philippines, this is something you should definitely try.


Source: http://juliesbakeshop.com.ph

Before Manny Pacquiao, there was Gabriel “Flash” Elorde – a Cebuano boxer (born in Bogo, Cebu) who had 89 wins and 27 losses in his boxing career.

The Elorde, as you may have already guessed, is named after him, probably because this type of bread looks like a boxing glove (do you see it?). This type of bread is one of the Cebuanos’ favorites as it is cheap but filling, crisp on the outside but creamy on the inside.

Roll (or King Roll)

Source: http://juliesbakeshop.com.ph

The shape may be similar to the Francis, but their similarities end there. The roll (or king roll) is leaner, paler, with a crisp crust (not just the tips), and with cheese filling.


Source: http://juliesbakeshop.com.ph

Everlasting is something you would immediately recognize from afar. Its distinct star or flower shape (depends on how you want to see it), size and sugar toppings (and I mean LOTS of refined sugar) is very attractive to kids.

So how about you? What are your favorites?

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