Airlines Offering Direct Flights from Cebu to Singapore

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In 2017, the Singapore Tourism Board recorded 596,421 arrivals via air from the Philippines.

Close to home, clean and safe, Singapore is one of most Filipinos top tourism destinations. And Cebu to Singapore only takes 4 hours via direct flights. Here's a list of some of the airlines offering direct flights to Singapore. From Cebu.


Singapore Airlines's budget airline offers direct flights from Cebu to Singapore and vice versa (naturally). To book, go to

  • Pros: cheap airfare, easy to use booking app. Has travel deals too.
  • Cons: fare doesn't include meals, check in luggage or seat selection. Meals can cost you additional $15 while check in luggage start at $25. Seats are cramped. And I mean pinoy-short cramped. Attendants aren't the friendliest bunch, but not nasty either. No online check in if you are not traveling from Singapore. So, queue it is. Does not flight to and from Cebu daily. No Saturday, Thursday or Tuesday flights. 


Direct flights to Cebu cost more than those that have Davao layovers. It's pricier than most airlines, altohough it has a Special Offers section where you can get airline tickets at relatively lower cost. To book, go to

  • Pros: more spacious seats than the rest of the other airlines on this list. More comfortable flight experience overall. Comes with meals, 30kg luggage and seat selection. Friendly FAs. Compensates well for delays or cancelations.
  • Cons: Extra legroom and forward seats cost S$7 and above. Pricier. Tickets are unreal during peak season and Singapore holidays. 

Cebu Pacific

"The airline of choice" is not the airline of choice among this lot. We've unanimously experienced terrible experience from Cebu Pacific at some point. To book, go to

  • Pros: piso fares are truly cheap. Has lots of offices in Cebu. Occasionally has in flight games.
  • Cons: midnight and redeye flight schedule. Delays, delays, delays. Poor crisis management. Cramped seats. Meals, luggage and seat selections are for sale. 

Air Asia

If there's anything worse than Cebu Pacific, that's Air Asia. Oh how that airline stinks - as does its customer service.

  • Pros: cheap airfare. Cheap in flight meals. Flies to Cebu daily, flies direct.
  • Cons: the plane's stench. Almost always delayed. Meals, luggage and seat selections are for sale. Poor customer service. Your check in luggage will definitely look like a wreck after the flight. Also, you can't eat your pinutos food inside the plane.

Our Verdict

Source: Jxcacsi, Wikimedia Commons

Although Silkair seems to be the most obvious choice, it's not exactly the most suited for the common Juan's budget. And have fare sales (Cebu to Singapore anyway) are unicorn-rare. I'd say it's a toss up between Scoot or Cebu Pacific. Scoot has better service, but doesn't fly to Singapore daily. Cebu Pacific has daily flights but well, its customer service reputation precedes it.

Ready to go? Singapore awaits!


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