5 Classic Cebuano Songs to Accompany You as You "Maoy"

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Have you ever heard of Pilita Corrales? How about Max Surban? Maybe Dulce?

If you have, you’re a true-blue bisdak. Their songs are rarely found on Spotify or iTunes, though you can still catch them on your grandfolks’ preferred radio stations, if you’re lucky.

In the old days, these Bisaya singers ruled the airwaves, especially in Cebu. In this article, let’s revisit some of their most famous songs. As you wallow in your maoy moments, listen closely to their lyrics. They're beautiful in ways only a bisdak can appreciate. #LSS #MaoyMoments #Hugot

Translation from Philippine Languages.

Usahay (Sometimes) by Pilita Corrales

Pilar "Pilita" Garrido Corrales, "Asia's Queen of Songs". You may know her as the beautiful mamita of her look-alike grandaughter, Janine Gutierrez; and the mother of Jackielou Blanco and Ramon Christopher Gutierrez.

Usahay – Sometimes
Nakadamgo ako – I had a dream,
Nga ikaw ug ako – that you and I
Nagkahigugma-ay – fell in love.

Nganong damguhon ko ikaw? – Why do I dream of you?

Damguhon sa kanunay – I dream (of you) often
sa akong kamingaw – in my loneliness.

Ji Dee, YouTube

Matud Nila (They Say) by Pilita Corrales

Matud nila ako dili angay - They say that I am not worthy

Nga magmamanggad sa imong gugma - to desire and aspire for your love

Nila ikaw dili malipay – they say I can't make you happy

Kai wa ako'y bahanding nga kanimo igasa - I have no wealth to offer

France Manga, YouTube

Pasayloa ug Hikalimti (Forgive and Forget) by Dulce

Maria Teresa Magdalena Abellare Llamedo Cruzata  or Dulce, is a Filipino singer, who you might recognize as one of the judges of the Tawag ng Tanghalan segment of It's Showtime segment, Tawag ng Tanghalan is from Cebu.

Damgo lang ang tanan – Everything is a dream

Lumalabay daw aso – Like a passing smoke

Way pagbating mo gamut – Didn’t expect to take root

Kawang lang ang mga damgo – Dreams are futile

Kawang lamang ang tanan ahay – Everything is futile

CebuanoMusic, YouTube

Gugma (Love) by Nonoy Zuñiga

Zeno "Nonoy" Zuñiga may be famous for being a musician, though he is also a physician. His career already spans 3 decades to date.

Unsay bay hinungdan - What is the reason

Nga imong gitalikdan – that you turned your back on me

Unsay kasal-anan nga nabuhat ko – What have I done

Pasagdan mo ba lamang – are you just going to ignore me

Nga magsubo ‘king dughan – as I wallow in grief

Ug hangtud sa lubnganan – until my grave

Magahilak ako – I will be crying

CebuanoMusic, YouTube

Gihandom Ko Ikaw (I Think of You) by Luz Loreto

There isn't mucn on Luz Loreto on the internet, so you have any information about her, we would be happy to put it up.

Gi handom ko ikaw – I think of you

Bisan wala ka na – even if you’re gone

Bisan gi tamay mo – even when you looked down on me

Ikaw gi pangga ko – I still care for you

Bisan kanus-a pa – even until when

Di ka hikalimtan – I will never forget you

Ang gipanganduy ko – and my desire

Kita ang magka uban – is for us to be together

CebuanoMusic, YouTube

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