Tourist Attractions North of Cebu: Sights to See in Asturias

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Asturias, a 3rd municipality income class, is bounded by Balamban in the south, Danao in the east, Tuburan in the north and Tañon Strait in the west.

Asturias was originally called “Naghalin”, a mispronouncement of the word of “naghaling”, which means making a fire, most likely for cooking.

In the 19th century, the residents of Naghalin requested the Spanish government to grant them their own local government, and thus the town of Asturias was created. 

What can you do in Asturias? If you’re in the municipality, make sure you visit these sights.

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Buswang Lake


Buswang Lake is the biggest body of freshwater in Cebu. It occupies 20 hectare and used to be a venue for banca racing. You can explore the lake using a paddle boat. This place is also used for celebrating special occasions and seminars. There's a cave on one side of the lake.

Agtugop Cold Spring

Source: Agtugop Cold Spring

Agtugop Cold Spring is not a crowded place (as it’s still not too popular) and it's pretty deep! It is located in Barangay Agtugop, Asturias. There is no entrance fee and corkage.

San Roque de Montpellier

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San Roque de Montpellier church is located in Brgy. Poblacion, Asturias. It was established in 1885. They just celebrated the 133rd annual fiesta this August 7-16, 2018. The church is open everyday from 8am-12pm and 2am-5pm. Please do respect the churchgoers when you visit. This is a place of worship, after all.

Malabago Beach

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Malabago Beach is located in Sta. Lucia, Asturias. It is a place good for retreat or camping. The place is relaxing and calm.

Malabago Beach has a Therapeutic Clay/Mud Massage and Spa where you can freely enjoy rubbing the mud into your skin. Or, you can ask the staff to give you a mud bath, but that will cost you 300 pesos.

The beach was named after the century-old Malabago tree right smack in the middle of the place.

Entrance Fee is 10 pesos/person

Cottage: 100 (small) and 200 (big)

They have cottages for overnight stays which ranges 500 above.

  • Normal Cottage
  • Tree House Cottage
  • Middle of the Sea Cottage

If you want to stay in a house with a living room, bedrooms, kitchen, water system and more the Small Beach House suites to you and cost 3,000/night.

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