Dunkin' Donuts

From Simple “Meals and Coffee” Delivery Beginning

It was in 1946 that Mr. William Rosenberg founded what was known as the Industrial Luncheon Services (ILS). Originally set up to deliver meals and coffee to factory workers in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, ILS became successful and led Mr. Rosenberg to open his first Coffee and Donut Shop in 1948, which he named, “Open Kettle”.

The Birth of Dunkin’ Donuts Brand

Mr. Rosenberg changed the name to “Dunkin’ Donuts” in 1950 from a total of five shops Dunkin’ Donuts has tremendously jacked up its growth and awareness, which served as the foundation for its brand leadership and popularity. The tremendous growth, marked by increasing sales every year, can be attributed to its quality products and the conscientious implementation of standards that come with them.

Sustaining Brand Leadership and Popularity

In 1960, Mr. Rosenberg founded an International Franchising Association, which gave Birth to the Business Franchising Model of the brand. This facilitated the rigorous and intensive preparation of any new Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise aspiring to carry the brand.

In 1963, Mr. Robert “Bob” Rosenberg became the President and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), which ensured continuity of the success the company had been experiencing. The establishment of the Dunkin’ Donuts University in 1966 paved the way for the four-week program, which aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and the discipline to sustain brand leadership.

The Birth of the Philippine Brand of Dunkin’ Donuts

In 1981, Golden Donuts, Inc. (GDI) became the Philippines Licensee to carry the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. It opened its landmark first shop at the Quad Car Park (now Park Square) in Makati.

Responding to Sustainability Challenges

A year after, GDI inaugurated four more shops as a response to whether it could really carry out a popular international brand. More shops were opened to strengthen the local version of the phenomenon of Dunkin’ Donuts. And so they say, the rest is history.

More than thirty dine-in shops and sixty take-out booths mushroomed all over Metro Manila in the following years. To spread brand leadership and popularity, GDI facilitated the exponential growth nationwide through the business franchise model.

Sustaining Growth through Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction Product varieties had also been expanded to further satisfy the valued customers. From donuts and coffee offering, savory and bakery products were added to the menu to widen Dunkin’ Donuts’ niche in the quick-service market.

A Brand That We Could Truly Be Proud Of

At present, Dunkin’ Donuts has become a popular by-word among Filipinos. It is synonymous to the “LEADER” in its industry---the only and the original “PASALUBONG NG BAYAN”.

Spread in more than 500 outlets nationwide, Dunkin’ Donuts has truly become part of the Filipinos’ lives. Any celebrations would be made extra special with the presence of Dunkin’ Donuts quality products.

Truly a Popular local brand of International Phenomenon

And that is the Dunkin’ Donuts story.

source: www.dunkindonutsphilippines.ph